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VJ Kennedy: Michael Jordan Tried to Take My V-Card

Back in the mid-90s, MTV VJ Kennedy was a household name, music didn’t suck yet, and Michael Jordan was the king of sports. No one was denying him anything.

No one except Kennedy, that is.

Or so she claims in her new book, ‘The Kennedy Chroniclesjordan3f-3-web‘ , which details a scene she shared with His Airness and Russell Simmons at Bowery Bar in NYC over some dice and a little side bet.

In her book, MJ decided to place stakes on their dice games and finally decided that if he won, Kennedy would have to return to his hotel room with him. Kennedy, still a virgin, claims that she was scared of the NBA star’s more than likely massive member and so backed out of the game.

As it turns out, she won the game and her V-card was never truly in jeopardy. But after reading this, alot of women will probably want to slap Kennedy back into common sense areas. How many women would turn down MJ?

His Airness Ties The Knot Again!

Michael Jordan finally married his longtime girlfriend over the weekend and everyone that’s anyone was in attendance. The NBA legend made Yvette Prieto, a model, his legal other half in front of tons of witnesses in Pam Beach, Florida.

Michael-Joedan-and-his-wife-Yvette-PrietoAmong those in attendance which numbered approximately 500? Spike Lee, Patrick Ewing (formerly of the New York Knicks), and another sports great, tennis star Tiger Woods. Tiger did not bring his girlfriend of the moment, Lindsey Vonn, even though she was invited. I guess they didn’t want to be anywhere near a marriage ceremony together. This is the second marriage for Michael Jordan and the first for Yvette. Congratulations to the couple and let’s hope this one lasts forever!

additional reporting: A. Neff King