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Glee’s Heather Morris Reportedly Engaged

Engagements and marriages galore! Looks like Glee’s Heather Morris is reportedly engaged to her longtime boyfriend Taylor Hubble.

This engagement is no big shock, though. They’ve been together since high school, and Heather has already known for quite some time that he was the one for her. “I want to marry Taylor and have kids with him!” she said in an interview with Fitness back in 2011. The couple welcomed a son, Elijah, in September 2013.

According to Star, they are planning a February 2015 wedding in California. “They are on cloud nine,” a source says. Regarding their engagement, Us Weekly reports, “They’re super happy together and it just made sense.”

Aww cute! Congrats to them!

Image via Lester Cohen/WireImage

Glee’s Heather Morris Welcomes Baby Boy!


I love celebrity baby time, and not just because of the super fun names. Nope. It’s because baby’s are exciting. As long, of course, if they’re not your own baby keeping you up at night. Because then the excitement comes and goes, if I’m honest.

So who has had a baby in celebrity baby land? None other than Glee’s Heather Morris and long time boyfriend Taylor Hubbell, who welcomed a son. And since we all love celebrity baby names, Heather and Taylor have reportedly named their little guy Elijah. Aww, right?

Sincerest congratulations to the new parents and much love! I can assure you the good definitely outweighs those sleepless nights.

Heather Morris: Preggers!


There seems to be a serious case of the babies going around Hollywood of late. Halle’s knocked up all of a sudden. And now a cast member from Glee! As long as no one says that Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan is with child this week, we can handle anything!

Heather Morris may play a trysexual ditz on Glee, but in real life, she has been with her boyfriend Taylor Hubbell for a few years. And now comes word that she is also three months along (just like Ms. Berry) with her first child. The triple-threat was seen out and about this past weekend and was snapped up with her belly bump just beginning to emerge from underneath her workout shirt.

Congrats to the couple and here’s to a healthy baby!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

It’s Heather Morris’ Turn, Apparently

Because White Girl Wasted syndrome has struck through a bevy of Hollywood’s C to D list starlets: Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Hayden Panettiere and now? Heather Morris, the ditzy blonde from Glee, has thrown her tresses into the circle too. This may be a mild case of WGW, but we all know how that leads to the gateway of full fledged f*ckery.

These days in Hollywood, it seems to me that if you are blonde (real or peroxide), under the age of 30, and have access to a car, you are this close to vehicular madness at each and every turn. If it’s not one of them flashing us with her un-pantied poon, driving over pedestrians, hit & runs, et cetera…I think it’s safe to say: if you’re in Hollywood?

Use the subway!

Heather Morris’ problem pales in comparison, but I prefer to cover this now, so when she becomes a full fledged member of the White Girl Wasted brigade, I can testify that I knew her way back when.

It seems that Heather doesn’t know what the word sidewalk means. Because she has been parking her car on it the last few nights and her neighbors are about to ring her bell…in more ways than one. An investigation into Morris’ driving records shows that she’s had five parking tickets since August.

Consider this foreshadowing, folks. She’s gonna blow any minute!!