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Hulk Hogan’s Peen Is Pricey

So says The Hulkster. According to his lawsuit against Gawker Media, they have invaded his privacy and the wrestler is not taking it lying down. At least not this case. He has filed a lawsuit in court for $100 million bucks. He doesn’t stop there either. He claims they have invaded his privacy (didn’t MTV already do that?) and the 101 seconds of footage of him poppin’ his friend’s ex-wife’s poon is worth every penny. So he says. But what does Gawker Media say?

Hell to the naw!

Gawker Media claims the files were leaked (ha!) to them and that thus it became a subject of mainstream dissection (shudder), making it national news. I don’t know about you all, but if I want to see two pieces of bacon going at it, I will go to my frying pan and grab the Sizzle Lean and throw some eggs up in the skillet.

For the protein, of course!

I have not seen this tape, I do not want to see this tape, and I pray I don’t accidentally see it somewhere.

Shield my eyes, Lawd!!