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CELEB SPOTTING: Kelly Rowland Shows Off Baby Bump While Doing Yoga

Kelly Rowland is pregnant and proud! After officially announcing the news that she was expecting through Instagram (she showed off little baby Jordans next to her husband Tim Witherspoon‘s own shoes), the singer was spotted showing off her baby bump while in a sports bra and exercise pants at the gym. Kelly was simply meditating and doing yoga,  and posted a picture for fans, and, of the course, the bump was the main focus!

Kelly, who is really into fitness, recently told Us Weekly, “I’m in love with boxing and yoga right now. It just feels good, it’s really empowering. I just feel like I’m getting my little strength back and getting my little jabs in. I think that nothing should change whether it comes with your age or whatever. I think you should always do what you love to do.”

This baby is the first for both Tim and Kelly. The couple was married just last month  in a  private wedding in Costa Rica, during which her former Destiny’s Child groupmate Beyonce and Solange Knowles were in attendance. “Perfect. That’s [all I’ll say],” she told Us Weekly of the ceremony. “Perfect. Perfect day.”

Evelyn Lozada: Fitness Queen?

She’s made a pretty penny on reality television as one of the Basketball Wives, but like any star in this genre, it never lasts long. Now that she is known for dodging punches and kicks from estranged husbands, Lozada is switching gears into the world of fitness. According to sources, Evelyn is hoping to parlay her career on reality television into a fitness empire, a la Jane Fonda.
If you know Jane Fonda’s backstory, then this makes sense. She was dodging punches from boyfriends and ex-husbands as well.

Lozada has already gotten an endorsement deal with an energy drink called youthH20. It sounds like liquid speed to me, but whatevs – if it pays the bills?

Go with it.

They’re shelling out six figures for her to hawk it and now she has set her sights on workout tapes and the like to brand herself even further. So look out for her workout tapes in the future, with a guest appearance by Rihanna. Hey, they can teach women how to block blows to the head and lose weight at the same time!