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Ellen Degeneres Announces Sequel To Finding Nemo


This week, Ellen Degeneres announced that she was going to be the star of a new Pixar film called “Finding Dory”…yes, a sequel to “Finding Nemo”. She said, “Today is our first show back. We were in Australia… I was there for a week. I was in Sydney for 2 days, Melbourne for 2 days, and then 4 days on a plane.

It was an amazing trip. And I just want to say to all the people of Australia – If you find my cell phone charger in my hotel room, send it to me. I left it there.

I learned a few things while I was there. I learned that you can’t just walk up to people and ask to look in their pouches. That’s one thing I learned.

And when I was in Sydney I learned that there’s no street called 42 Wallaby Way, like in “Finding Nemo.” I went looking for it!

What’s next? Sea Turtles don’t talk?

Wherever I go, people are always asking me about “Finding Nemo” and are they gonna make a “Finding Nemo 2.” And I didn’t realize it, but I guess I’ve mentioned it on the show once or twice.
So I mentioned it a couple times. But I’m a positive, patient person. And I know that when you have a successful movie, usually they make a sequel. So I waited and I waited. And finally I got the call from the director, Andrew Stanton-who I love very much, a very talented man– telling me yes indeed they are gonna make “Toy Story 3.” And I said hooray for Tom Hanks. Finally something good for him.

So then I waited some more, knowing that one day Andrew Stanton—who I love very much– would call again. And then not too long ago, he called. He said, “Ellen, the rumors are true. We’re gonna go ahead and make ‘Cars 2.’”

I wasn’t mad. I was furious. But I really believed that one day it would happen. And today, I am proud to officially announce that Pixar is making a sequel to “Finding Nemo.”

Here’s the good news – They say I’m one of the 5 top contenders to play the part of Dory. No, I will be Dory again, which is the most fun in the world. Actually the entire sequel is about Dory. The name of the movie is “Finding Dory.”

So kids, let that be a lesson to you – Anything is possible if you’re patient and you beg hard enough on national television.

I’m excited that it’s finally happening. I read the script and it’s fantastic, it’s hilarious, it’s warm, it’s everything that you want it to be. But the thing about those movies – They’re brilliant and they take a long time to make. So, it won’t be in theaters until 2015. But in Australia, I think that’s tomorrow.

It’s not that far away. Put up the countdown clock, please.

Only one million, three hundred ninety-five thousand, and three hundred and sixty-two minutes to go.

But for now, I can start my next campaign – When are they gonna make “Finding Dory 2”?”