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Faith Evans on Still Being Close With Diddy, Last Time She Saw Whitney Houston, On Getting Married Again & More


Faith Evans recently stopped by the Bethenny Frankel show and in case you were wondering…yes, she still hangs with Diddy, aka Puffy Daddy and yes, she has moved on from Biggy. Check out highlights from her interview with Bethenny Frankel below.


Bethenny: Well you really kind of are you know like hip-hip/r&b royalty. I mean you’ve been around for a while and you’ve…
Faith: Thanks Bethenny.
Bethenny: I mean you were married to Notorious BIG, who was respected and regarded like the Frank Sinatra of hip-hop music. I mean what a ride.
Faith: It was definitely a ride and I must say that despite all the craziness and you know everyone’s careers and lives didn’t end up how they thought it would, it was a lot of fun. You know in the beginning of my career being at Bad Boy especially that was like certainly a time in my life and career that I will never forget.
Bethenny: And Bad Boy, Puffy gave you your start, now P-Diddy.
Faith: Yes.
Bethenny: Well how do you think of him? P-Diddy
Faith: I still call him Puff.
Bethenny: You still call him Puff?
Faith: Mmmm hmmm
Bethenny: So he gave you your start and you are still great friends?
Faith: Yeah I actually saw him the other night. I stopped by a studio session he was at to tell him that I wanted him to come to my show next week at the House of Blues. Yea, we keep in touch. He sends my kids Christmas gifts every year and you know, we don’t talk all the time but the line of communication is open. You know, we text and email and he invites me to his events and vice versa.
Bethenny: He and I have the same birthday and we are both in the liquor business.
Faith: Oh yeah?
Bethenny: Yeah I feel like we have a couple of things in common
Faith: Oh wow! You know how to party like him too?
Bethenny: I could party pretty nicely.
Faith: Oh he knows how to party.
Bethenny: Yea I mean I don’t know how he knows how to party but for a Skinnygirl I could party, you know?


Bethenny: So in your life, I’m sitting here, you’re a young woman and you’ve experienced some great loss. Two of the most iconic people in music history who you were close with…to experience that kind of loss, how do you deal with that? How do you make sense of that? Do you go to religion, do you get angry?

Faith: Oh wow, I mean religion isn’t something, or my spirituality is definitely not something I go to, it’s always a part of my life. That’s definitely what kept me because it was difficult. I think getting through losing a husband, which that was the first time I lost someone in my life that was that close to me. So having had to go through that and all the public scrutiny and craziness that came with that, losing Whitney was a little bit different because you know it’s different because it was my husband and my friend but it was definitely a blow. Because when I saw her a couple of nights before she passed we hadn’t seen each other but we had been trying to hook-up and phone tagging and emailing and she was looking for me the entire night and when she finally caught me before I went on stage she just grabbed me so hard and was like “I love you so much” and I was like “I love you too, I’ve been looking for you!” and it just felt good to just see her and just the feeling we had. I mean we were like, it wasn’t an industry thing and we didn’t hang out everyday but when we did it was, I’m calling you, I’m coming around the corner and sit in the back yard and drink some wine and we’re just gonna kick it like two Jersey girls. Our daughters are the same age and they kind of grew up having a friendship so, she was very special.



Bethenny: Now are you in a relationship now?

Faith: Am I in a relationship?

Bethenny: Is there anybody special?

Faith: Well, well yes! See my friends always tease me because cause since I’ve been divorced, I’ve been divorced for two years, and they always you know, would kind of tease like well we know you’re not really gonna date anybody. They call me granny because I don’t really go out a whole lot and I get up to workout at 5am so I’m bed by like 8:30 so they’re like oh God granny’s not gonna go. But they always tease me about me like not probably really being open to really dating but because that word just to means like that you got a gang of people coming in and out of your life, you know like you’re seeing multiple people, and I’m not, that’s just not me. I’m very careful about who I bring into my private space in that sense. Especially in a romantic sense because I have children

Bethenny: Exactly

Faith: I have to really think about it. I don’t waste my time spending time to see oh, can I go out with him a few times to see if I like him. I don’t wanna just see…if he turned me off already then…

Bethenny: Well it’s funny that you say that because we are talking later on a panel about that. About most women say that, I think it was that most men say that after three dates, they know if they are falling in love with someone. Would you agree with that?

Faith: Well I can’t say that I would put that number on it but it’s happened to me in different ways. I mean when me and Big met, although people say that we were married in 9 days, we actually married less than two months after we met each other. But very early on within the first couple of weeks we definitely felt like we were in love with one another. And I love good energy and if you know, I feel like the connection with him was just the fact that he was a good person.

Bethenny: Do you think that you will ever get married again? I know you believe in love but do you believe in marriage?

Faith: I don’t know, there was a time when that was definitely a part of my big picture…being married and growing old with someone. And I wouldn’t say no but I’m certainly not looking for it. I think if it comes and God says hey this is you know, I think that I’ll feel that, I’ll say hey, this is God telling me that I need to be with this person. But I don’t think marriage necessarily, you know, means that that makes it a meaningful relationship. So just being married with a ring and a paper doesn’t necessarily solidify the closeness or the bond that you guys have.

Bethenny: I agree with you, nor does it mean that you are going to spend the rest of your life with someone, unfortunately.
Faith: Not at all.

Celebrity Birthdays June 10th 2013: Faith Evans is 40


Faith Evans is 40.

Shirley Alston Reeves of The Shirelles is 72.

Andrew Stevens is 58.

Kim Deal of The Pixies and The Breeders is 52.

Maxi Priest is 52.

Gina Gershon is 51.

Jeanne Tripplehorn is 50.

Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins, Zwan) is 49.

Kate Flannery (“The Office”) is 49.

Elizabeth Hurley is 48.

Joey Santiago of The Pixies is 48.

Emma Anderson (Lush) is 46.

Brian Hofeldt of The Derailers is 46.

Singer Mike Doughty (Soul Coughing) is 43.

JoJo of K-Ci and JoJo is 42.

Lemisha Grinstead of 702 is 35.

DJ Qualls (“Hustle and Flow”) is 35.

Shane West (“ER,’’ ‘’Now and Again”) is 35.

Lee Brice is 34.

Hoku is 32.

Leelee Sobieski is 31.

Faith Evans Was Horrified Finding Lil Kim In Bed With Biggie (VIDEO)


Singer Faith Evans recently stopped by the Wendy Williams Show to chat with the talk show host about memoir and some of the interesting contents of it. Evans reveals the moment that she caught rapper Lil Kim in bed with her late husband Notorious B.I.G. and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Evans explained, “My faithfuls in here that got my book know that I describe it in very great detail. Lets just say that I spent the rest of the day there cooking Christmas dinner because I knew it would be the last time I would spend a time like that with him.”

Even though she wants to put the past behind her, Lil Kim just won’t put their history behind her. Faith explains that she recently attempted to chit chat with the rapper at Diddy’s All White party and Lil Kim acted as if she had no idea who Faith was!

Faith said, “I ran over to her to get her attention and I was like ‘congratulations on everything and God bless you’ and she looked at me and said ‘who is that’.”

Well, it’s obvious that Kim knew damn well who she was and was just playing. It’s just a damn shame that after all these years Kim is the one holding the grudge. Shouldn’t Faith be the one ready to pull off a wig?

Check out the interview with Wendy Williams below to see what Faith has to say about her book and the drama.

Eric Benet and Faith Evans Release New Song “Christmas Without You”

Last week the news broke that R&B icons Eric Benet and Faith Evans have teamed up on a new holiday single, “Christmas Without You”. The beautiful Christmas duet evokes warm holiday memories and reminiscent moments of past Christmas romance. This is Eric Benet and Faith Evans’ second collaboration, after their first hit “Georgy Porgy”, which reached #15 in 1999 on the U.S. Billboard R&B Chart, and was also featured on Eric’s platinum certified album, A Day In The Life.

This new holiday track is Benet’s first single since releasing his new album The One on June 5th, 2012, which featured Lil Wayne & Shaggy, a duet with his first daughter India and even a lullaby written for his baby girl Lucia Bella. Since the summer release, the album has received a ton of buzz & praise from fans and press alike, such as US Weekly, Hip Hop Weekly, Billboard, and People Magazine.

In the New Year, Eric will go back on tour…visiting the following cities & more:

· Jan. 16th & 17th: Washington, D.C. at The Howard Theatre
· Jan. 20th: New York City at B.B. Kings Blues Club
· Jan. 21st: Annapolis, MD at Ram’s Head On Stage
· Feb. 15th: Atlanta, GA at Morehouse College

R&B Divas Head to Television

Unless you are Mary J. Blige, it is really hard to be an R&B diva these days. It starts out all rosy: you put out your first album, have a few videos featuring yourself (or your dancers if you are not hot enough) nearly nekkid, open for a big star, and then…? Well, that’s it. There usually is not much left to do. Until now. Here is how the show is described by the producers:
Brought together by their friendship and love of R&B goddess Whitney Houston, these incredible singers are dealing with everything from divorce to drugs and sexuality.

If that doesn’t pique interest, nothing will! Sign me up!

Quite honestly, you would have to be a true hard-core R&B fan to even know who these other girls are. Aside from Faith Evans, the wife of slain rapper Notorious B.I.G., the other ones are not so well known outside of the genre. Sure Nicci Gilbert was a great vocalist in Brownstone, but beyond that? Sure Monifah had us all wanting to ‘Touch It’ for a hot minute in the 90s, but now? And the other ones are even less known. However, this television show should change that for good. At the very least, they will probably get some checks out of this!

Where are the En Vogue, SWV, TLC girls? Surely they need a check too? Well, I predict that one of these women will get booted off the show. You know how it is – a snatched weave (or boyfriend), a pimp slap here or there, a boob flash for an extension of their 15 minutes of fame…and *then*…and then?

A slot will be open and we can finally have Dawn Robinson from En Vogue on here. For she truly belongs!

additional reporting: A. Neff King