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Lindsay Lohan Talks Rehab, Paparazzi, Oprah And Her Breakup With Wilmer Valderrama


Actress (?) LINDSAY LOHAN makes an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday, March 31st. Lindsay sheds some light on her most recent stint in rehab, about the paparazzi not following her anymore, and about her love life. Plus, Lindsay shares with Ellen what she did after her breakup with Wilmer Valderrama, as well as her relationship with Oprah.

Check out the highlights from the interview below:


Ellen: Did that give you more pressure…because you’ve been in rehab a bunch. Right? Like six times. Is that right? Something like that. So does this because there’s cameras following you is that what helped you I think be healthy. You said you were healthier then you’ve ever been. Do you think that gave you pressure to be healthier or?

Lindsay: No, I think that this was the first time that I was able to you know, when I went to treatment this time, when I went to Cliffside, I really wanted a moment for myself and I learned a lot of different tools and things that I didn’t in the past. In the past a lot of it people don’t know this, but I was sent to rehab to avoid you know, them trying to put me in jail. So it wasn’t something that I necessarily wanted or was ready for. It was something that it was kind of just going with the motions. And this was the first time where I went to Shawn Holley, my lawyer, and said look I need some time. I need to figure something out. And it was through kind of you know meditation and learning different things that and just growing up as well and being like I’m tired and I want to be working and all these other girls are doing this and I’ve been doing this my whole life…and maybe, you know, that’s what makes me happy. So I’m just going to do what I have to do to get there again.


Lindsay: By moving to New York I can walk on the street and be a human being. Like I can be normal…

Ellen: Yea but you have paparazzi constantly.

Lindsay: No, I don’t.

Lindsay: No I don’t.

Ellen: Oh, they stopped?

Lindsay: Not at all.

Ellen: It was crazy though.

Lindsay: I’ve been in in LA for two weeks and thank god I’m leaving tomorrow because I’m saying this now, but they have not bothered me at all. It’s totally different now. It’s strange. I also don’t put myself in the same situations. You know, there is nothing left for me in going out to a certain place if I know what it’s going to result in. It’s just not worth it to me.


Ellen: And so are you dating anyone now?

Lindsay: No.

Ellen: And I heard you were on some kind of dating website like Tinder or something?

Lindsay: You know what is so funny, my brother went on my Instagram and did that.

Ellen: He put you on Tinder?

Lindsay: He did it. Ya on my Instagram. He has a girlfriend of like seven years. I was like isn’t Nina going to get mad at you. I’ve never been on Tinder. So yesterday when I was talking to someone that works here they were like so I hear that you’re on Tinder. I was like I don’t even know how to get on it.

Ellen: Would you want to do that?

Lindsay: No. I’m ok with just taking care of me.

Ellen: Ok. Are you nervous about people meeting you for the wrong reasons? It would be hard to meet guys and then you have to be very selective for so many reasons. Like they’re not a good influence or they want to be with you and not for attention.

Lindsay: That sounds very exhausting.

Ellen: Well it is. Think about it.

Lindsay: I just like want to work and take care of me right now. I don’t really…That’s not even a thought.

Ellen: Are you working?

Lindsay: Yea, I’m starting a movie in May with Lionsgate and two great producers.

Ellen: Good.


Ellen: I don’t remember you actually ever singing. Did you sing longer than just on my show?

Lindsay: That’s great. That’s probably why I’m not singing right now.

Ellen: But, seriously. Did you sing for a while and I just didn’t know that?

Lindsay: I didn’t really do much promotion for it. I love music. Music is a huge part of my life just in general. Even when I’m on set like I’ll listen to songs that kind of like help the character in the scene and gets me into…

Ellen: Right.

Lindsay: But, I was really nervous that day I remember.

Ellen: Really? You came off really good.

Lindsay: That was a really emotional song. It was like about my dad…no I’d just broken up with someone.

Ellen: Who?

Lindsay: Well…

Ellen: Do you remember who? No?

Lindsay: Apparently there’s a list of many guys.

Ellen: I know. I have a list of people. I hear there’s a list going around of all.

Lindsay: It was Wilmer actually.

Ellen: It was what?

Lindsay: It was Wilmer Valderrama.

Ellen: It was Wilmer?

Lindsay: Ya.

Ellen: And did it break your heart?

Lindsay: I was really upset. Ya and that song I had written like the day after and we were still living together. I sang it in his house. Tortured him just recording the song so loud in his house.

Ellen: Wow. That’s amazing.

Lindsay: And I was filming Herbie at the same time. That was…there was a lot going on.

Ellen: Well, you’ve always had a lot going on.


Ellen: How does Oprah feel about this and do you talk to her often?

Lindsay: I speak to her almost everyday and she’s just…she’s been so amazing to me. Just, you know, for everything even before the show was coming out I was getting really panicked cause I hadn’t really heard my name like anywhere in so long. And I would turn on the TV and it was right after the Oscars, so I thought I’d have like a minute like I thought it would kind of like distract from the show which is probably not a thing they would want to hear from the network.

Ellen: Right.

Lindsay: But then I just kept hearing my name and I started getting really like panicked about it and I just called her and she was just talking me through it and everything and she got me really into meditation. I mean that…she’s one of the reasons why that’s such a big part of my life. She’s just been a really strong guiding light and force to me as a friend and someone that I admire.

Ellen: I’m glad. I’m glad that she came into your life and I’m glad you’re listening to her cause she does have good advice.

Lindsay: Ya.

Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/ Warner Bros.

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