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Celebrity Birthdays June 16th 2013: Eddie Cibrian is 40


Eddie Cibrian is 40.

Bill Cobbs is 78.

Billy “Crash” Craddock is 74.

Lamont Dozier is 72.

Eddie Levert of The O’Jays is 71.

Joan Van Ark is 70.

James Smith of The Stylistics is 63.

Singer Gino Vannelli is 61.

Laurie Metcalf (”Roseanne,” ‘’Norm”) is 58.

Jenny Shimizu is 46.

Actor James Patrick Stuart is 45.

John Cho (2009’s “Star Trek,” ‘’Harold and Kumar” movies) is 41.

China Shavers (”Boston Public”) is 36.

Sibel Kekilli (”Game of Thrones”) is 33.

Missy Peregrym is 31.

Olivia Hack is 30.

Diana DeGarmo is 26.

Ian Keaggy of Hot Chele Rae is 26.

Twitter Caused Leann Rimes to Go Cray Cray!

So you heard the news that Leann Rimes is in treatment for anxiety, stress and emotional issues and big fat props to her for getting help! That takes some guts and strength. While we heard that her husband Eddie Cibrian is supporting his wife through this troubled time, Radaronline.com is also reporting that Eddie has wanted Leann to get off Twitter for months because he thinks that Twitter is causing all her stress!

Sure we have seen the many bikini pics. We have seen her interact with her fans. We have even seen her get into fights with her followers but what bothers Eddie the most is Leann’s oversharing and her overindulgence in her conversations.

A source told the website, “Eddie hates Twitter and doesn’t want LeAnn to be on there and writing so much. He would ask her to not meet people through Twitter and wanted her to get off of there.”

Interacting with her fans is okay to a certain extent claims the source but Eddie was worried. “He thought she was out of control and not able to handle what she was doing.”

Obviously she’s out of control for something. Here’s hoping Eddie’s peen isn’t wandering too far from his scundies. If I were Leann I’d be wondering where this guy’s willy is at at all times!

LeAnn Rimes is NOT in Rehab, Y’all

Okay everyone, let’s get this straight- LeAnn Rimes is NOT in rehab. Yes, she’s dealing with a “severe inability to cope with anxiety and stress” but she’s not in rehab.

Apparently we all want her to be in rehab, but she’s not y’all. Not in rehab. LeAnn Rimes- she’s not in rehab.


Now that we’ve cleared that up and know she’s not in rehab and not being treated for any sort of drug or eating disorder problems, TMZ has determined that her decision to get help “is limited to coping issues.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other issues going on, but only that this isn’t the cause for her seeking treatment.

The stress has been unbearable, says sources and LeAnn has recently been in meltdown mode over a war she’s been having with a group of people who are upset about her relationship with Eddie Cibrian. This group has been going after her in a big way on Twitter and rather than ignoring them, she fought back. And stress ensued. And the specific help is from a facility that teaches people how to handle adversity and stress. She’s able to leave on the weekends and have her phone with her at all times- indicating, again, that this is not rehab.

Birthday Bitches

Eddie Cibrian is 39.

Bill Cobbs is 77.

Billy “Crash” Craddock is 73.

Lamont Dozier is 71.

Eddie Levert of The O’Jays is 70.

Joan Van Ark is 69.

James Smith of The Stylistics is 62.

Gino Vannelli is 60.

Laurie Metcalf is 57.

Jenny Shimizu is 45.

James Patrick Stuart is 44.

John Cho is 40.

China Shavers is 35.

Missy Peregrym is 30.

Olivia Hack is 29.

Diana DeGarmo is 25.

Ian Keaggy of Hot Chele Rae is 25.

Eddie Cibrian comes to defense of wife Leann Rimes’ skinny photos

After much criticism about his wife Leann Rimes’ weight, Eddie Cibrian is now speaking his mind, lashing out at reports and “rumors” that Leann has an eating disorder.

Eddie opened his flap saying, “It bothers me because, obviously, I know she’s healthy. She eats more than I do sometimes.” Yes but what does she do after she consumes the food? Hey, I’m just asking.

Eddie goes on to add, “She’s just a very [conscientious] eater, as far as what she eats. She eats pretty healthy, but she works out pretty hard too and she actually takes pride in the way she looks and it’s a shame that people will jump on the bandwagon just because she is fit. And she’s far from unhealthy.”

And Eddie keeps talking saying, “She works out like crazy. She works out hard. She boxes. She trains.”

Not only have fans expressed their concern for Leann so have celebrities, including fellow skinny bitch Guliana Rancic. Rancic said, “She lost a lot of weight from all the stress in her life. She seems a little thin right now, and I think she looks great when she’s a bit curvier.”
But Rimes hit back on her Twitter account to defend her figure.
‘Hey, we should go to dinner sometime. You get criticized all the time for how small you are. You can see just HOW much I eat and maybe put a stop to this crazy ‘shrinking’ once and for all…..oh, & then we should work out together! Good luck with your restaurant!!!!”

I’m sorry but there is nothing cute or fabulous about a stick figure with caked on makeup. Sure she looks damn skinny and has lost a lot of weight in a matter of months, but isn’t that the “Hollywood way”? And is it not considered serious until we start seeing ribs and protruding collar bones? I don’t know peeps. I’m torn on this but I still have a strong desire to send over a truck full of cheeseburgers and milkshakes over to skinny bitches.

Check out more recent scary skinny photos of Rimes below.

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Eddie Cibrian Bares All For New Charisma Campaign

Actor Eddie Cibrian is stripping down in a multi-media marketing campaign for luxury home brand, Charisma.  The Fall 2011 campaign will debut in October issues of lifestyle and shelter magazines such as Elle Décor, Traditional Home, House Beautiful and Gotham and will be available for purchase at Bloomingdales.

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Birthday Bitches

Eddie Cibrian is 38.

Bill Cobbs is 76.

Billy “Crash” Craddock is 72.

Lamont Dozier is 70.

Singer Eddie Levert of The O’Jays is 69.

Joan Van Ark is 68.

James Smith of The Stylistics is 61.

Gino Vannelli is 59.

Laurie Metcalf is 56.

Jenny Shimizu is 44.

James Patrick Stuart is 43.

John Cho is 39.

China Shavers is 34.

Missy Peregrym is 29.

Olivia Hack is 28.

Diana DeGarmo is 24.