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Michael Lohan Finally Pays Up!


Michael Lohan has gotten his act semi-together, finally catching up on his back child support! TMZ got proof that Michael cut a check for $30, 422 to ex-wife Dina Lohan.

Now how exactly does a man end up having to pay somebody’s annual salary to his ex? When he was ordered to pay $1,500 a month for his minor children, and didn’t. So this is the total that Dina’s owed!

Only 16-year-old Cody is underage, but it covers now 19-year-old Ali’s time as a minor too! And Michael coughed up the cash right in time, because Dina marched down to the court house last month, asking a judge to hold Michael in contempt! So Michael, obviously, cut that check. Money vs. jail time? He knew which one to pick.

Michael told TMZ, “I admit I withheld part of [Cody’s] child support because I was angry about certain things that were happening … I was wrong and I’m making things right with Dina and my children. Dina says she’s grateful, but needs to know he’ll keep paying until Cody becomes an adult.

So Michael…let this be a lesson. Don’t be a deadbeat dad and take care of your kids! Nobody should have to threaten you to do what you’re supposed to do as a father.

Image via Hollyscoop

Lindsay Lohan’s Publicist: I QUIT!

Obviously, the above photo was taken during  a bong session happier times.

I, for one, had no idea that Lohan even had a publicist on her payroll. I figured Mama Dina just screamed every latest happening of all things Lohan from her Long Island terrace, as the paparazzi waited on the sidewalks in hopes that she would fall over from inebriation. Well, as it turns out, Lindsay does indeed have one. Make that had.
Steve Honig has quit that bich!

The reasons why? According to well placed sources, there was growing tension between Honig and Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s father.

Quelle surprise.

According to the Michael Lohan camp, the two began quarreling regarding Lindsay’s disastrous intervention attempt. After two years of dealing with Lindsay’s shenanigans, Honig came to his senses, dusted the coke-angel-crack dust from his three-piece suit and turned in his resignation. If Lohan is in a haze right now, she may have not even realize he has left the building.

So what all is Honig giving up now that he has parted ways with The Strawberry Snortcake? Let’s see…

jewelry heist, more car accidents than a NASCAR driver, rallies to hospitals on both coasts, and let us not forget those lovely 911 calls.

Something tells me he’ll be just fine!

Dina Lohan Is A CrackHead And Michael Lohan Ruins People

Lindsay, tell us something we don’t already know!

I have been talking smack about Freckles for years, but honestly, the girl didn’t have a prayer from the moment she became a wiggly squiggle after Papa Lohan and Mama Dina probably had a wild drunken night of wild sexy time and conceived.

Well after what seemed to be a chummy “sisterly” relationship with her mama Dina, it appears as if now, Lilo and her mama are on the outs.

According to TMZ, an incident between the two turned downright ugly after Lindsay decided to call her dad. Come on and you all know what Papa Lohan is going to do when he gets his nose into a conversation with Lindsay…especially, a juicy one such as this. Hello, PHONE CALL RECORDING even though it is illegal in the state of Florida, right Mr. Lohan? Eye roll.

So here’s what went down:

Lindsay Lohan made a hysterical plea for help to her father, as she claimed she was being kidnapped by Dina Lohan, screaming, “Dad, she’s on cocaine. She’s like touching her neck, and s**t” … and TMZ has obtained audio of the conversation.

We broke the story … Lindsay and Dina got into a ballistic argument after leaving a NYC club at 4 AM. The two were in a limo which was going to Dina’s Long Island house.

During Lindsay’s conversation, Lindsay tells her dad the fight ignited over money. Lindsay says she gave her mom $40,000 because Dina claimed she needed it to save her home from foreclosure. Nonetheless, Lindsay wanted her money back, and that’s when fireworks erupted.

Lindsay told her dad, “She’s saying disgusting things to me … I’m dead to her now.”

Lindsay says her mom is calling her “nuts.”

During the conversation, you hear Lindsay tell her dad, “This is what you do. You ruin people,” and then turns her anger back toward Dina … adding, “She’s like the f**king devil right now.”

Lindsay goes on, telling her dad, “I have a gash on my leg from what happened.”

Moral of the story? Lindsay never had a chance.

The Real Drunk Ex-Housewife of Lohan County

Dina Lohan owes me a check, because I just named her new reality show, whether she knows it or not!

The mother of the year is embroiled in another controversy, courtesy of her interview on an upcoming edition of Dr. Phil, which is set to air on Monday. In the clip, which was taped several months ago, Dina is acting normal strange and many people that were there (or with vision) are certain that The D was smashed out of her skull.

Lohan, being a Lohan, is of course denying she was intoxicated and had this to say (because she always has something to say):

“I don’t care what it looks like. I’m fine and I don’t care what anyone says. All people saw was two minutes edited of an hour long interview. Of course they cut it to make it interesting. That’s their job. I don’t blame them for doing that. Some of the comments were taken out of context but I’m fine. I’m fine.”

Did you hear that folks? She is F I N E!

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael, who also always has something to say, came out of his crack den to offer his very own two cents on reports of his tipsy ex.

“I think when everyone sees the interview, they’re gonna know she’s not sober,” Lohan tells us.

I don’t have to see any video to know that Dina was probably higher than NASA during that interview. In fact, the last time she was probably sober, Lindsay Lohan was still a viable commercial entertainer.

How times have changed!

Dina Lohan Shakes Her Booty In Dramamamas Behind-the-scenes CLIP!

Freckles may be trying to make another attempt at a comeback for her role in Liz & Dick, but it seems as if Mama Dina may be trying to steal the spotlight! Radaronline.com is reporting that Dina is showing off some mad talent on her new show Dramamamas. The website obtained some footage that shows Dina shaking her booty.

The sneak peek from behind-the-scenes footage shows Dina, the celebrity mentor, joining kids on stage so they can teach her the dance movies they’ve been working on for the launch of a Broadway-bound musical.

In the vid, Dina squeals, “I can’t believe I’m doing this! You guys are awesome by the way…I need oxygen!”

From what it sounds like Dina has already made a positive influence on the girls and the show’s producer Linda Sawyer, who said that Dina is doing a wonderful job coaching the mothers.

Sawyer said, “After Dina Lohan met with the moms she joined the kids on stage to perform the dance call with our Broadway hopefuls and she was sensational. The theatre was on their feet with applause and shouts of bravo. DramaMamas — where everyone’s dreams can come true.”

If there is anything Dina is good at, it’s being a stage mom.

Check out Dina shaking it here.

The Lohans Must Need The Money

Because Dina Lohan is taking a side-job from pimping her kids out to get a check outright on her own. I guess the rumors must really be true if Dina is working in front of the camera instead of behind it – or yelling at it from across the street because of a restraining order. In a move that will have television boardrooms across the world scratching their heads for months, VH1 has optioned a show that follows the ex-pieces of famous celebrities.

Hollywood Exes will feature the immense and confusing talents of the ex-wives of Prince, Will Smith, R. Kelly, and Eddie Murphy. If these women could really talk openly about their exes, this could be interesting. But because of confidentiality agreements that bind them tighter than Dina’s botoxed forehead, we will never really know how Eddie’s ex feels about his tranny escapades. We will never know if R. Kelly likes to pee on his married pieces as well.

We will never know the truth and I cannot stand behind these lies!


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The Lohans must be getting low on funds.

Hulk Hogan posts her surgery pics on Twitter.

Camile Grammer made a killing on being married to KG.

I’m surprised there aren’t rumors of a lesbian relationship going on here.

Kim K. knows how to whip her hair back and forth!

Nicki Minaj wears Gaga-ish panties on cover of King Magazine.

Just drop the single already!

Adorable must see video to make you smile!

It’s a Breaking Dawn Christmas, Twihards!

Ryan Gosling, please don’t go!

E Network Loves Dishing Out Reality Shows.

To everyone and their mother.

Newest addition to E Network reality television? Pam Anderson.


Oh I can’t wait. Just like I can’t wait to watch Dina Lohan in all her stage-mom glory.  And, don’t forget about Denise Richards.  She’ll be pimping out her kiddies too.  Gotta TIVO that!  Can you sense the sarcasm?

The sad part about this is that people WILL watch it. Just waiting for E to hit up Britney for her own show. Then they can complete their all-star Trailer Trash lineup.