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CELEB SPOTTING: Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas Perform Together in L.A.

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas were spotted performing together at Demi’s concert at L.A.’s Staples Center on Saturday!

The friendly exes performed a duet of “This Is Me,” a song that they first sang together in the 2008 Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock, where they first met. The fans LOVED it, screaming overtop Joe’s vocals.

As they finished the song, Demi and Joe held hands and hugged it out. Later, after the show, Demi posted a photo of them together on Instagram, saying : “Thanks @joejonas for the awesome surprise!! #staplescenter #4yrssincewesangtogether #demiworldtour.”

Always good to see exes still having a good relationship…though I would love to see these two back together! Check out their performance below!

Image via Us Weekly

Demi Lovato Gets Honored at COSMO FOR LATINAS AWARDS

Last night, Cosmopolitan for Latinas celebrated Fun, Fearless Latina of the Year Demi Lovato at Hearst Tower in NYC. The event honored 13 fascinating individuals in the Latin community who have made outstanding strides in their fields over the past year. The honorees were chosen not only for reinventing their industries, but for their achievements that opened the door for the next generation of Latina men and women. The evening was sponsored by COVERGIRL and Colgate Optic White.

In attendance: Multi-talented recording artist Demi Lovato; CFL Editor in Chief Michelle Herrera Mulligan; CFL Publisher Donna Kalajian Lagani; Kemosabe/RCA Records recording artist and COVERGIRL Becky G; singer Jasmine V; Orange is the New Black cast members Diane Guerrero, Jackie Cruz, Laura Gomez and Dascha Polanco; Singer, songwriter, actress Thalia; Blogger Mario Lavandeira aka Perez Hilton; Chef Lorena Garcia; Immigrant rights innovator Grisel Ruiz; Founder & CEO, Pipeline Fellowship Natalia Oberti Noguera; Executive Director, National Latina Institute of Reproductive Health Jessica Gonzalez Rojas; Founder, Union City Music Project Melina Garcia; Military Sexual Abuse Advocate Regina Vasquez; and 1st female and Latina Speaker of the New York City Council Melissa Mark-Viverito.

Congratulations Demi! Girlfriend has been through a lot and got herself back on track. Well deserved!

Demi Lovato Makes Maxim’s 100, Opens Up About Sexiness

Demi Lovato has come a long way from her Disney days, shedding that perfect good girl image and just being okay with being Demi. The singer made it to no. 40 on the Maxim Hot 100 issue, which will hit news stands June 3. In her feature in the mag, Demi opened up about what she thinks is sexy and how she is rebuilding her own confidence.

“To me, sexiness stems from being confident and comfortable in your own skin,” the 21-year-old explained. She thinks her best physical attribute is her “butt,” but admitted that her own self-confidence is a daily process. “The ability to work at bettering myself—I’m not perfect, no one is, but I’m working at becoming better everyday,” she continued. “Everyday I can look back and say I’m in a better place than I was yesterday.”

Demi, who  has been dating That ’70s Show star Wilmer Valderrama since 2010, also had no issue being honest about what she looks for in a man. “To get my attention, a guy must be genuine, supportive, real and have the ability to make me laugh,” she said.

No. 40 is definitely not bad in a huge pool of hot celebrity women! Demi herself is gorgeous, and always has been. I’m glad that she has gotten better over the years, and is recognizing her own beauty and sexiness. I can’t wait to see the spread!

Image via Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Demi Lovato Talks Death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Her friendship with Selena Gomez And Engagement Rumors


If anyone knows heartache, addiction and betrayal, it’s Demi Lovato.

Via Extra TV:

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez sat down with Demi Lovato as she gets ready to launch her Neon Lights tour. Demi who has been open about her struggles with addiction telling Mario about her passionate response to Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s death on Twitter where she addressed drug addiction. “People don’t take it as seriously as it really is, it’s a mental illness and it’s a disease…There’s no pill that’s gonna change it…People need to have compassion for it…Being a former addict looking at it as I had a choice, because at some point in my disease I didn’t, I physically and emotionally couldn’t live without it, that was my medicine to my pain.”

Demi who has also been open about how the support of her friends like Selena Gomez has helped her reacting to the news that Selena spent time in rehab last month, “Selena and I have such and amazing friendship and have known each other for 14 years and I love her to death.”

Demi also setting the record straight on recent rumors she is engaged to good friend and rumored boyfriend Wilmar Valderrama, telling Mario they are not true, “I’ve heard the rumors, even people who were really close to me called me and were like are you engaged…No, I tweet one thing…I think the tweet was ‘I never felt more incredible in this moment than I have in my entire life,’ honestly it was just because I was healthy and happy and at peace in my mind and I was looking at the future and I was like wow I have so much going for me and people were like she’s engaged…I was like honey if I was engaged, I would be showing the rock off, I’m not gonna be one of those girls that hides it.”
With her tour kickoff just days away, Demi said everyone traveling with her will be sober to make the best shows possible. “Everyone on the team is required to stay clean and focused, it’s not about trying to party, it’s about putting on the best show and everyone needs to be in tip top shape to do so…. I’ve never had a show like this in my life and I’ve never been so fired up for a tour.”

Demi’s Neon Lights Tour kicks off February 9th in Vancouver.

So glad to see Demi Lovato back on the right track…happy and healthy and doing what she loves.

Demi Lovato: “I Couldn’t go 30 Minutes To An Hour Without Cocaine”


So you were wondering just HOW bad Demi Lovato’s drug problems were? Well, now that she is clean, we can tell you this. Her addiction to drugs was pretty darn bad. Like excruciatingly bad to where she could have died if she had not have snapped out of her funk. And we get it…you can die from any amount of drugs in your system, but the amount of drugs Demi was doing was insane.

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Lovato said, “With my drug use…I couldn’t go 30 minutes to an hour without cocaine, and I would bring it on airplanes. I would smuggle it basically and just wait until everyone in first class would go to sleep, and I would do it right there. I’d sneak to the bathroom and I’d do it. That’s how difficult it got.”

And she figured out that help is what she needed.

“I was going to the airport and I had a Sprite bottle just filled with vodka, and it was just nine in the morning and I was throwing up in the car. … When I hit that moment I was like, it’s no longer fun when you’re doing it alone,” she added. “I think at 19 years old, I had a moment where I was like, ‘Oh my God … that is alcoholic behavior … I gotta get my s*** together.’”

Well geez, at least she came to her senses! With that kind of addiction…every half hour to an hour…all day long?!! Wow.

Here’s hoping she stays on the clean and sober bandwagon.

X Factor Ratings Drop Even More

Perhaps Simon Cowell should beg Britney back on the show, then steal her ‘scripts and watch her go mental on live television. Because he may have booted the allegedly crazy singer from the show and blamed her for the falling ratings, but it ain’t Britney’s fault, y’all!

Something in the milk ain’t clean!

X Factor returned on Wednesday with not a bang but a thud this week, averaging 6.2 million viewers. With new judges Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio joining Cowell and Demi Lovato, many insiders (including Simon Cowell himself) thought the show would get a boost in the ratings. As it turns out, that is not the case and now the finger pointing has started. Why are the ratings dropping?

Is it possible that it could be Simon Cowell himself?

No one close to him would dare say it, but it very well could be. His recent babymama drama certainly has not endeared him to any new fans, and his big-headedness means he will never lave his own show even if it’s fault the ratings are in decline.

So what say ye, VIPers?

Why is this ship sinking so fast that even Kelly Rowland’s glorious breasticles cannot keep it afloat?!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Demi Lovato Nude Photos Hit The Internet


There are nude photos of Demi Lovato that have hit the net and they are quite revealing. I don’t understand why these peeps take these kind of pictures with cameras. They are going to eventually hit the internet. I repeat…they are going to hit the internet EVENTUALLY.

Apparently our friends at Radaronline.com have been approached to buy these pictures of Lovato but declined. Good for them!

What we are hearing is that there are over TWENTY photos of Lovato in compromising positions. So how in the heck do we know the Demi Lovato nude pictures are indeed of the Disney starlet?

Well this woman in the pics has some of the same tattoos as Demi visible photos including the 12 blackbirds that she has on her right arm.

For all you perverts out there, Celebslam has a preview of the Demi photos right here.

You’re welcome.

Demi Lovato Gets New Tattoo, Shows Off On Twitter


In celebration of her new album release titled (not so creatively) “Demi”, Demi Lovato decided to go the Justin Bieber route of self expression and get herself a new tattoo. Lovato revealed the brand new ink art via her Twitter page with the following caption: “Thanks @BangBang! Album release day!!! #DEMI”

I’m not so sure that I like the tat but the meaning definitely makes a whole lot of sense!

Check out Demi Lovato’s new tattoo here via our friends at Allie Is Wired.

VIP EXCLUSIVE: Demi Lovato Meets Up With Fifth Harmony At TopShop


Top Shop NoHo hosted a Meet n’ Greet with X Factor Judge Demi Lovato, and X Factor finalist Fifth Harmony and Celebrity VIP Lounge was there to get the low down. The event was to commemorate their Online Competition that gave two lucky winners the opportunity to win a $1000 shopping spree with Fifth Harmony. Hundreds of screaming fans came out to meet their favorite artist by waiting in line for hours. When I arrived, fans were circled around the block patiently awaiting their chance to meet the X Factor stars. As I stood between the fans and Fifth Harmony, there was a few times when I thought I would be trampled over. This group of young ladies with their infectious personalities and pop star next door charm, made every single one of their fans feel welcomed and appreciated. Each time a fan came through the door, they became overwhelmed with excitement and burst out screaming. While waiting for my private audience and photo opt with the group; I witnessed several fans burst into tears as they walked away clutching their autographed glossy.

For those of you who have no clue who Fifth Harmony is… let me bring you up to speed. Fifth Harmony is a girl group consisting of 5 members- Camila Cabello, Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui, Ally Hernandez and Dinah Jane Hansen. Former contestants on the hit reality show X Factor; they finished out in a respectable 3rd place. Due to their huge level of popularity, they were signed to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco Records and also L.A. Reid’s record label Epic Records. Fifth Harmony is currently putting the finishing touches on their debut album; which is scheduled to be released in Fall of 2013.

Where the event lacked in polish; Fifth Harmony filled all of the gaps with their presence and persoanlity. Demi Lovato served as fairy Grandmother to the group, and made a brief appearance to give her official seal of approval before leaving. I didn’t realize how old Demi Lovato would look in person. When she spoke, I heard a 42 year old. When I looked at her in the face I wanted to ask her did she know The Great Gatsby?! Good grief, gurrl! That Cadillac has some millage on it. Don’t get me wrong, I am a woman of a certain decade as well. In my mind, both Demi and I could hang out, drink Gin Tonics, and get Botox together. She left today with a new bestie in me.

Demi Lovato Has A New Hair Do And A New Video


The beautiful and newly recovered Demi Lovato has been quickly entering back into the music scene and is doing so with great success. According to our friends at Celebrityteenscoop.com, just recently the singer filmed the music video for her new single “Heart Attack” she showed off her newly cut locks via Twitter, writing “New hair!!!!” Looking good, girl!

Let me just say that I have a feeling this new video for “Heart Attack” is going to be hot, hot, hot. For awesome details on the video shoot, go here! We can’t wait to see it!

Birthday Bitches

Demi Lovato, 20

actor James Marsters, 50

singer Robert Plant, 64

actress Amy Adams, 38

TV weatherman Al Roker, 58

rapper Fred Durst, 42

actor Andrew Garfield, 29

TV journalist Connie Chung, 66.

REPORT: Demi Lovato Still Partying Hard!

While we all may be thinking that Demi Lovato has her shiznit together after her recent stint in rehab, reports are saying that Miss Demi is still a hot mess. In fact our friends at Radaronline.com exclusively learned that the former Disney star is still partying hard and VERY hard at that.

A source close to the X Factor judge told the site that “Demi has really busted her butt to get her career back after the incident with the Jonas Brothers backup dancer and rehab and stuff. But she’s not as sober as she’s leading everyone to believe and is still partying hard.”

A second source threw in their two cents as well saying that even though it may appear Demi is sober and doing well, there is more than meets the eye. Girlfriend is just sneakier! The source said, “She’s really excited about the gig on the The X Factor and is using it as a platform to push her clean image on the public. So she really needs to keep her partying under control.”

I just hope this gig isn’t too much for her coming straight off of the rehab train. But then again, she does have fellow judge Britney Spears to keep her in check, right?

You can’t call Demi Lovato, Not Even Maybe!

If you are trying to get a hold of Demi Lovato via phone and she’s not answering it’s not because she’s ignoring you, it’s because she doesn’t want to use it.

The X Factor judge has had quite the couple of years with her bipolar, self-harming and eating disorder and now that she claims to be better, she has found that giving up her cell phone has made her life much easier.

She tells America’s Self magazine, “I make time for myself and meditate. I’ve spent the past two years getting over an eating disorder and issues like self-harming and bipolar disorder. I have to work on this stuff every day. I’m reminded of that whenever I eat or feel down…I haven’t used my cell (phone) in three months! Subconsciously, it was a crutch. When a room gets quiet, what do you do? Grab your phone! Now I can sit and have conversations with people.”

She goes on to say that when times got tough, especially when it came to anxiety she’d cut herself. “There were times I felt so anxious, almost like I was crawling out of my skin – that if I didn’t do something physical to match the way I felt inside, I would explode. I cut myself to take my mind off that. I just didn’t care what happened. I had no fear,” she said.

I’m so happy to hear that Demi is feeling better. She’s such a talented, beautiful girl.

Demi Lovato Joins X-Factor as Judge

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Demi Lovato Fans Storm Stage At Concert In Paraguay

Demi Lovato had quite the concert in Paraguay yesterday. The singer faced a big security scare when a bunch of crazy fans stormed the stage.

It was at her sold-out gig in Asuncion that she decided to invite the front row of her show to the empty pit in front of the stage.

She told the crowd, “I feel like I’m not doing you guys justice tonight because I have to admit I’m not feeling too good. I’m really sorry. I feel like I could be doing something more for you guys… so I wanna let all these kids (into the pen) down here. You guys gotta be safe though!”

Bad idea.

After the invitation, TONS of fans went cray cray, leaping over a security barrier AND climbing on stage to hug Lovato.

A couple of big security guards quickly grabbed Lovato and took her off the stage.

A minute later, she went back on stage and told the crowd, “You gotta chill out.”

You can see it all go down in the video below.

Image via WENN