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David Beckham Visits Flagship Breitling Boutique New York Looking Hot As Usual

Breitling Team with David Beckham in New York Boutique

David Beckham, the world’s most stylish was the guest of honor at an intimate cocktail party at Breitling’s flagship boutique in New York. Beckham joined special guests for an exceptional evening, which included perusing exclusive pieces from both the Breitling for Bentley and Breitling collections as well as exploring Breitling’s impressive flagship boutique.

Yep, he’s still hot. Still impressing me, yo.

David Beckham and Thierry Prissert in Breitling Boutique New York

BREAKING NEWS: Victoria Beckham Can Smile, Laughs!


David Beckham is very much aware of the fact that WE all think his wife Posh walks around with a stick up her booty, a constipated face in town…a break of a smile very rarely EVER seen in public. But, Mr. Beckham has officially prove that Victoria does in fact smile. Heck, she even laughs every once in awhile and he posted the photographic evidence via his Facebook page.

To see Victoria Beckham’s big bright smile slash giggle face, check out a photo via our friends at HaveUheard here.

Superbowl 2012 Celebrity Commercials

I don’t know about you TV Watchers, but I am so looking forward to the Superbowl this Sunday.

Not only will we have Madonna (who is all sorts of awesome) performing in the half time show, but there will be some pretty awesome commercials to catch too. Oh, and the game too. (Yah, like I’m gonna watch that.)

And with every Superbowl commercial, you have the opportunity for celebrity action! Sometimes the commercial is funny and entertaining, or moving, or just boring and stupid. I’m crossing my fingers none of my celebrity favorites will have “boring” or “stupid” attached to their commercial.

So, which celebrities should you prepare yourself for? Well, here’s the list of some of the celebrities you can expect to see this Sunday

Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno

Coming back with one of his former cast members (Soup Nazi), and one of the former Munchkins from Wizard of Oz (although not really), Jerry Seinfeld will be in the commercial for Acura NSX and trying to get the number one spot for the car. And some how after watching this commercial, I have this sudden desire to go seek out those zip lines across New York City.  And do expect to see Jay Leno in this one too.

My rating? Funny and entertaining. Total win there Jerry.

John Stamos

I like John Stamos. I do. He has a devilish grin I love and as a former Full House fan, I just feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I see him.

I’m a little sick of those yogurt commercials though. But, that didn’t stop Oikos Yogurt this Superbowl season and they are coming back with their usual spokesperson.

As John Stamos teases his (date?) fellow yogurt lover with a bite of the greek yogurt, he ends up losing out on his yogurt meal and gets head butted. It’s a boring commercial and a little disturbing (insert devilish grin here).

Apollo Ohno

He’s a total hottie and I’m wondering if I can somehow convince him to teach me how to skate. Okay, so, since I know that won’t happen…we can at least watch him skate…in a commercial for Century 21.

What does he do in this commercial? Skate. What else? That’s it. And ummm…I’m certain they were talking fast to match his skating speed. But, really, it didn’t come across like that. Yawn-er.

Regis Philbin

Pepsi and Regis Philbin seem to mix perfectly, don’t they? Okay, maybe not. But still, Regis Philbin is a charmer and Pepsi seemed to hit it right with their commercial and their choice of celebrity.

Regis Philbin makes a surprise entrance at the end, and this commercial was definitely entertaining. The contest for a lifetime supply of soda made me want to run out to make sure that it wasn’t a real contest. And I actually laughed, so that’s a good thing.

Adriana Lima

As a supermodel, you would figure she would have the touch of gold on everything right? Well, not when it comes to commercials.

It shows Adriana Lima strutting around and talking about how much she loves Teleflora (yah, I had to google what that was too). I was bored and it looked like a commercial I would see at 2 AM right next to the cheesy 800 dating commercials.

Matthew Broderick

Who loves Ferris Bueller’s Day off? Who called in sick one day hoping to recreate that Ferris’ day, only to find how damn near impossible it was?

I know me too. Matthew recreates his Bueller days with his commercial for Honda, and yes, it was a winner. It was entertaining and even had a parade at the end. Who knew calling in sick could be so cool?

David Beckham

David Beckham. In his underwear. And that’s all.

Winner? I would say so. Excuse me while I go watch this commercial for the millionth time.

David Beckham’s Superbowl Ad is Drool-worthy

H&M has released the David Beckham Superbowl ad and I can’t even know what to say. Why they decided to use the Animals’ hit song “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” is quite mind-boggling because surely there is nothing to be misunderstood about.

The camera teases us with sweeps all over Beckham’s body, leaving the lower portion…ahem…the underwear for last. Naturally. What about those tats, peeps?

As for Beckham’s involvement with the tighty whities company? Beckham said, “My design team and I spent 18 months developing the collection, it’s been a fantastic collaborative experience, and I’m very happy with the end result. Like every fan, I’m looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday.”

Well we won’t leave you waiting. In fact, you probably didn’t even read what I wrote anyhow. Just watch the sexy clip and thank me in the comments. That is, if you are still with me.

Harper Seven is the New Suri Cruise

With parents like Posh Victoria Beckham and studly David Beckham, it’s a safe guess that Harper Seven, the couple’s fourth child would be gorgeous. But according to Daddy Dearest, little Harper’s wardrobe might be rivaling that of another little fashion icon…Miss Suri Cruise.

Harper Seven Beckham, who is all of 6 months old, has come 10th in a poll naming 2012’s top New Faces of Fashion. The boutique-frequenting baby was praised for her “sophisticated style” and “use of cashmere and smock dresses” in the survey conducted by British women’s magazine Company, which also honored the more grown-up styles of Clémence Poésy (#1), Zooey Deschanel (#2), and the Duchess of Cambridge (#4).

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Quote of the Day: David Beckham

“There have been moments we have sat back – as a family – and talked about how lucky we are. The other day, I was driving the kids and stopped at a junction. When I looked over Al Pacino was walking across the road with his small kid. That was surreal. Moments like that are amazing. There was one other time when I was at the LA Lakers. I was waiting for the toilet and someone was in there. The door opened and Jack Nicholson came out and he said, ‘It’s all yours, David’. One, I was amazed to see Jack and then, obviously, I was amazed he knew my name.”

David Beckham, on living in California

Joan Rivers slams Harper Seven.

Joan Rivers is a comedian. Her job is to try to make us all laugh and sometimes the jokes can be offensive, other times not. Rivers could care less if you mock her tight ass face that is pulled so taut she looks like she just took a 200mph motorcycle ride. And so, go on if you wish, but that is not going to stop her from mocking peeps. But now she is taking aim at our beloved Beckhams. And Rivers makes it known that the name Harper Seven is an “idiotic” one.

See what Joan says about Harper below!

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David Beckham’s Abs. Got damn. Big Guy in Speedo. WTF.

It’s always a beautiful day when we can get a picture of David Beckham on the beach AND shirtless. It’s even better when we can get of Becks on the beach, shirtless and next to an geriatric with a Speedo on. Yes, we got it. Seeing Becks reaction to the guy in his mini skuns is effing priceless.

You can thank me later.

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Quote of the Day: David Beckham

“It’s so important that they have that mother-daughter bond and breastfeeding, I think, is really an incredible thing. We’re in the process of putting it in bottles now, so that means I get to feed her – which has been amazing.”

David Beckham, on breastfeeding

Image via Wireimage.com

And the Beckhams named their baby girl…

A big fat congratulations goes out to the Beckham brood! As we reported yesterday, David Beckham and his wife Victoria welcomed a baby girl to their testosterone infested family. Little HARPER SEVEN Beckham weighed in at 7lbs and 10oz yesterday!

More details on the birth and why they named their girl Harper Seven below!

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Becks, His Boys, and A Beard.


He hasn’t led his LA Galaxies team to any major wins yet…but multi-million dollar contracted David Beckham continues to enjoy the movie-star lifestyle in the States.

David spends some Q-time with his two sons at yet another LA Lakers game.  Maybe growing out the beard will give Becks some extra luck for his game play.  Or not.

Image Source:  Wire Image