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WTF of the Day

And I say that because why would you want to get married when you’re 9000 years old? And furthermore, can you even walk down the aisle when you’re that old? His bladder may give way before the end of the ceremony as it is. All I hope is that Crystal has slapped a diaper on Hugh Hefner’s wrinkled ass before she says ‘I do’.

As we all know, Crystal Harris was set to marry the owner of Playboy about a year and a half ago, but five days before the ceremony, Crystal looked at her young face, brand new, store bought titty balls, and decided to play the runaway bride.

Well apparently, Hugh Hefner has a forgiving pacemaker because he has yet again decided to tie the knot with this twat on New Year’s Day.

That is, if he’s still alive.

Now, we all know that Hugh Hefner only has a few more days on this earth, so I say let an old man have his cake and eat it too. When you’ve lived longer than three Golden Girls, the black plague, and survived the Titanic…you deserve to do whatever the hell you want!

Congrats to the couple and I wish them minutes of happiness!

Hugh Hefner Snatches Back Ex

Proving once again that you can’t keep a good ho down, Hugh Hefner’s barely beating heart must be willing and able to take another possible lashing since the rumor mill is chirping away about his ex-fiancée, Crystal Harris, moving back into the Playboy Mansion.

This news may come as a shock to Hugh’s other girlfriend, Shera Bechard, who is conveniently out of town. We all know that Hugh likes his girlfriends these days in multiples, so maybe the three of them will be able to work out some kind of agreement that satisfies all parties involved. I had no idea Hugh Hefner was so weak when it came to his blondes, but apparently he seems to have one and they’re gonna be the death of him!

If you were to ask moi, it seems to me like Crystal’s tabloid money has run out and she is running to Daddy for a refill of sorts. If I were Hef, I’d have my pimp hand on the steady just in case she tries to jump ship again.

And lock all the safes and change the locks when she leaves the next time!

Image via Wireimage

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris: It’s a dog war!

This time last year (well the beginning of January to be exact) Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris were celebrating their engagement. A year later they aren’t together and are fighting…over a dog…their dog Charlie who is with Hef now but Harris wants in her custody. Yep, it’s a dog war, y’all.

Apparently Hef wants to keep the bitch, their Cavalier King Charles spaniel, but behind the scenes Harris is said to be making a big stink over getting the dog back.

And now to make matters worse, Holly Madison is getting involved.

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Crystal Harris wants a reality show and other Oh Gawd Links.

Crystal Harris wants a reality show. Hollywood News

Who doesn’t like free tickets? Check out this giveaway! Allie Is Wired

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January Jones is not nice. Hollywood Dame

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Ben and Jen are knocked up. Evil Beet Gossip

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Kimberley Conrad helps wipe Hef’s tears.

Poor Hef. He will probably never find someone who will love him for him and not his bank account or his fame. Despite being dumped by Crystal Harris, Hef is trying to keep his head up (and I’m talking about the one on his shoulders). There are several peeps reaching out to Hef to boost his spirits including his ex-wife Kimberley Conrad.

See what she has to say to her ex below. Oh and in case you want to know what Paris Hilton thinks about this breakup, we’ve got her statement below as well.

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