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Post Split with Courtney Stodden: Doug Hutchison Moves Out?

When news broke this weekend that Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden split, I was shocked. Mostly shocked that they lasted as long as they did. I mean, two years? Really? It’s almost as perplexing as their age gap, or the fact that Courtney is somehow 19.

But, alas, their love was not meant to be. And hopefully, dear Lord baby Jesus, this means we never have to look at another picture like the one above.

I may not be surprised by their demise, but Hutchison was. A source tells RadarOnline,“Doug’s world has been turned upside down, but for Courtney, it’s far from that. She is embracing singledom. It’s clear she has finally emerged to be able to call all the shots.”

According to reports, Hutchison is devastated, angry, shocked, etc… but not Courtney. Nope, word has it that Hutchison has moved out of their home and while he’s super sad about it  all, Courtney is not sad at all. In fact, she’s so NOT sad that she threw a Halloween par-tay.

UPDATE, y’all… as of today, Courtney Stodden’s rep has released an official statement:

After two and a half years of marriage, Courtney and Doug have decided to become legally separated. Courtney was married at a young age. Now, at nineteen, she’s interested in exploring life as an unmarried single young adult – with the freedom to explore her independence. Doug supports Courtney 100 per cent. The two will share custody of their precious pup, Courtney, remain living in the same house [for now] in separate bedrooms, and Doug will be co-managing Courtney’s career. We love each other very much, want for each other’s happiness, and will continue being the best of friends for life.

So maybe he didn’t move out? And apparently he’s still going to co-manage her career? And they’re still BFF4EVA?



Playboy Issues Verbal Slap to Courtney Stodden

Let this be a lesson to you women that have enhanced their titty balls in the hopes of getting a job hoisting them in the pages of Playboy. The publishers have a message to send to you through another hopeful, teen slut bride Courtney Stodden.

Last week, the overly plasticized girl famous for nothing at all told TMZ that she was considering a career in gasp – porn – but she backtracked from that alley of f*ckery and revised her statement. Stodden tweeted that although porn was not in the cards, Playboy was definitely under consideration. That’s when Playboy came out of the woodworks to let her know that just not anyone could be in their magazine.

Sources at Playboy insist that they want nothing to do with Stodden. They go on to say that she “does not meet the standards of a Playboy model” and that she is too “enhanced”. Let’s read between the lines and snort them, dear readers…

your TupperWare parts are not doing you any favors!

I could not agree more with Hugh and his people. No one needs to see that and no one should be wanting to see a teen girl flaunting her no-no parts that aren’t even truly hers. What kind of message is that sending to young girls?!

Courtney Stodden Set To Infect Your Television Screen

This makes me want to hurl until I cannot hurl ever again, so bear with me as I try to get through this to report this most important news.

*slow vom*

Courtney Stodden has signed on to appear on VH1’s Couples Therapy because she believes that there are major problems in her marriage.

Um, really Courtney? The fact that you are 17 and your husband is 52 should have made you realize this a bit sooner. But then again, should we really expect much from a girl that has been hawking her plastic surgeried titty balls and hooker gear for almost two years now? And slap my face repeatedly if this prostitot is really 17 years old. I’ve seen soccer moms strung out on meth that look younger than this Tupper Ware party skank! And for all these paparazzi that snap photos of her left and right like she’s a star…

Shame on you!!

I knew it was only a matter of time before some television series got these two attention whores to sign on to something for a check. As far as I am concerned, her husband is nothing but a pimp.

Let’s just hope everyone in a two mile radius has spare change!

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison discuss pumpkin patch incident with Dr. Drew (VIDEO)

We did a story the other day on (supposed 16-year-old) Courtney Stodden and her LOST actor hubby Doug Hutchison. Remember they got kicked out of a pumpkin patch for their nasty PDA antics and Courtney’s booty shorts and cleavage bearing top?

Well I guess we get to hear more about this incident, including WHY they got escorted out of the patch. Thanks, Dr. Drew.

Check out video of the couple making a stop at Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers show to further explain.

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Courtney Stodden kicked out of pumpkin patch for being too sexy

Oh and for dry humping her husband in public.

We all know Courtney Stodden loves to attract attention with her butt-baring miniskirts, bosom-busting tops/dresses, but it was over in Santa Clarita Valley over the weekend, that she and hubby Doug Hutchison decided to go to a pumpkin patch. And boy was that a bad idea if you brought your kiddos to the same patch at the same time these weirdos showed up.

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Courtney Stodden kicked off of Facebook? EOnline

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