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Amanda Bynes: Let the Lock-Up Begin!

It looks like Amanda’s gonna be shackled by her parents now!

A judge has just decidedamanda-bynes-1-600 that the actress and blue haired maven must pretend she is under 18 years of age again and do what her parents say!

At least for the immediate future.

The judge decided that Amanda was a danger to herself and others (including fashion) and was trying to help improve her mental health. Her parents contend that their daughter is blowing through her $4 million in savings and planning to put a stop to the fall out. How long will Amanda be under her parent’s control?

The conservatorship lasts until September 30th, with a move to make it permanent decided at that time. Amanda may want to get Britney on speed dial and find out how she should act to get released. On second thought…maybe she shouldn’t!