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Taylor Swift Swoops Another One

As the old adage goes…you can’t keep a good trick down.
Taylor Swift is that trick that cannot be stopped. The lustful locomotive that could has done so again.

Exit Conor Kennedy.
Enter Harry Styles.
Exit common sense.

Because I know I am not the only one around that cannot seem to keep track of Taylor’s trickin’! It seems like every other half a week, she is latched on to another barely legal boy. Is it for material for her next album? Is she a nymphomaniac? Is she bearding for some of these possibly gay and homosexual-like boys? What’s going on?!

The Gaily Forward One Direction boybander was spotted with Swift at Central Park Zoo in the last few days. Taylor’s fans (which I am not one) tweeted about her twatscapades….

“Um I just saw Harry Styles and Taylor Swift walking together in Central Park,” one fan tweeted, while another wrote, “I JUST MET HARRY STYLES AND TAYLOR SWIFT TOGETHER IN CENTRAL PARK.”

(her fans can’t even spell *snicker*)
The clock is already ticking on this one, as they’ve been spotted out and about for about a week now. If that’s a record, someone should let me know. By the time I finish this article, Taylor may have already moved on to another unsuspecting boy.

Taylor Swift Buys a Crib Near Her Man

Taylor Swift is determined to keep her man, no matter what it takes. And if you have been following the second coming of Mary Kay LeTourneau like I have, you know that nothing but death itself can keep this trick from a man!

Case in point….

According to some well placed sources,Taylor is snatching up the mansion directly next door to her man of the minute, Connor Kennedy. The singer plunked down $4.5 million of her hard earned money to grab a prime piece of real estate in Hyannis Port, Maine to be near her teen love. They’ve only been dating a few months, so this is definitely a serious move on her part, which forces me to ask the questions everyone else is thinking…

what is this pop trick thinking?!

Not only is she flitting around with a barely legal boy, but not just any barely legal boy. No, this one comes equipped with enough baggage to make even real people stutter step. And on top of that, Swift is famous for singing about her little trysts to make some money. Let’s see what she sings about when this one is over.