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Chris Brown Goes Off On Twitter About Community Service Sentence










Chris Brown is pissed off, and had to let the world know! The singer took to Twitter last night, venting about the verdict at his last court hearing, which requires  him to complete an additional 1,000 hours of community service!

Earlier this summer, his probation was revoked when he was accused of that hit-and-run, but the case was dismissed. His probation was reinstated AFTER he agree to do the service! Prosecutors already allege that Chris never did his original 1,000 hours in the first place. It was unfair and dumb, yes. And Chris got on Twitter and Team Breezy and everybody else know how he felt about it!

rs_560x415-130822185437-1024.CBrown.ms.082213_copyMoments before, Chris also sent out some tweets toward rappers, though not naming anyone. “Most of the rap n—– make me sick! All political! It’s hip hop. All that gangsta s— y’all talk in y’all records…Boof!” Another tweet said, “Grow some balls and y’all not being fashionable wit y’all grandmother’s curtains on. Any problems… See my “by myself'”

I like Chris. I really, really do, but somebody needs to take his phone away from him for good. I understand needing to vent, but on Twitter yet again? Christopher, it’s time to grow up. When you do stuff like this, the only people who really sympathize with you are your stans. Maybe that’s what you want, but if you’re oh so mad about the system, how about you get involved to  try to change it? Twitter rants that you KNOW are only going to draw negative attention to yourself isn’t going to do anything! If anything that makes people hate you even more.

I checked this morning, and surprisingly, no one from Chris’ team has made him delete the tweets yet. Normally they’re on top of this stuff, because no one ever knows what’s liable to fly out of this guy’s mouth! Chris, I respect you as an artist, but I need you to get it together. Do this service, and try to move forward with your life as best as you can. Probation is up next year around this time, so try to just stay under the radar, including with your tweets!

Images via Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images / Twitter

Lohan: Bad Girl Gone Good?

Just when I thought I would finally see the day and justice would be served, placing America’s favorite strawberry snortcake behind bars once and for all…it looks like Lindsay Lohan has turned over a new leaf.

Reports from the morgue

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Oh snap! Lindsay Lohan fired from community service gig!

How in the eff do you get fired from a community service program? Seriously. Well it is possible, just ask Lindsay Lohan. Yeah. Freckles can make the impossible possible. TMZ is reporting that Linds was kicked out of the Downtown Women’s Center community service program due to numerous rule violations and yes, the majority of the violations have to do with attendance (lack thereof).

So could this mean Judge Stephanie Sautner will finally throw Freckles in jail?

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Naomi Campbell is still kinda mad.

When I hear the name Naomi Campbell, I always tend to duck my head for fear a flying phone is heading my way. And although Naomi has undergone anger management classes following that 1998 attack on her former assistant, apparently she is still a “work in progress”. And by that I mean she still has those urges to throw a got damn phone when the need arises.

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