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Katy Perry Promotes Upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show in New Commercial

Katy Perry officially dropped a commercial for her upcoming Super Bowl halftime show during last night’s American Music Awards!

The commercial, also promotion for Pepsi, shows Katy “prepping” for her performance coming up with a bunch of goofy ideas like edible glitter, time machines, and way too many kittens!

Check out Katy’s commercial below!

I’m actually a little excited to see Katy perform! She has a lot of great hits that she can bring to the table. I’m sure she will bring a lot of energy, just hopefully not too much glitter or any kittens. We’ll see what she has up her sleeve in February!

Image via PopDust

Lady Gaga Releases ‘Eau De Gaga’ Fragrance Commercial

Lady Gaga is putting in work! The singer is currently in the middle of her ARTPOP tour, promoting her latest album. She also has her joint jazz album with Tony Bennett coming out next week, and now, she has released her official commercial for her new fragrance, Eau De Gaga!

Directed by Steven Klein, the commercial features Gaga in a what looks to be a satin white dress, showing off her body while laying on a shirtless man. The commercial strangely takes a turn when a boxer comes out of nowhere fighting, but I guess that means the new fragrance is a knockout and we HAVE to buy it?! I’ll definitely sample some when it comes out.

Check out the full commercial below!

Image via That Grape Juice

Superbowl 2012 Celebrity Commercials

I don’t know about you TV Watchers, but I am so looking forward to the Superbowl this Sunday.

Not only will we have Madonna (who is all sorts of awesome) performing in the half time show, but there will be some pretty awesome commercials to catch too. Oh, and the game too. (Yah, like I’m gonna watch that.)

And with every Superbowl commercial, you have the opportunity for celebrity action! Sometimes the commercial is funny and entertaining, or moving, or just boring and stupid. I’m crossing my fingers none of my celebrity favorites will have “boring” or “stupid” attached to their commercial.

So, which celebrities should you prepare yourself for? Well, here’s the list of some of the celebrities you can expect to see this Sunday

Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno

Coming back with one of his former cast members (Soup Nazi), and one of the former Munchkins from Wizard of Oz (although not really), Jerry Seinfeld will be in the commercial for Acura NSX and trying to get the number one spot for the car. And some how after watching this commercial, I have this sudden desire to go seek out those zip lines across New York City.  And do expect to see Jay Leno in this one too.

My rating? Funny and entertaining. Total win there Jerry.

John Stamos

I like John Stamos. I do. He has a devilish grin I love and as a former Full House fan, I just feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I see him.

I’m a little sick of those yogurt commercials though. But, that didn’t stop Oikos Yogurt this Superbowl season and they are coming back with their usual spokesperson.

As John Stamos teases his (date?) fellow yogurt lover with a bite of the greek yogurt, he ends up losing out on his yogurt meal and gets head butted. It’s a boring commercial and a little disturbing (insert devilish grin here).

Apollo Ohno

He’s a total hottie and I’m wondering if I can somehow convince him to teach me how to skate. Okay, so, since I know that won’t happen…we can at least watch him skate…in a commercial for Century 21.

What does he do in this commercial? Skate. What else? That’s it. And ummm…I’m certain they were talking fast to match his skating speed. But, really, it didn’t come across like that. Yawn-er.

Regis Philbin

Pepsi and Regis Philbin seem to mix perfectly, don’t they? Okay, maybe not. But still, Regis Philbin is a charmer and Pepsi seemed to hit it right with their commercial and their choice of celebrity.

Regis Philbin makes a surprise entrance at the end, and this commercial was definitely entertaining. The contest for a lifetime supply of soda made me want to run out to make sure that it wasn’t a real contest. And I actually laughed, so that’s a good thing.

Adriana Lima

As a supermodel, you would figure she would have the touch of gold on everything right? Well, not when it comes to commercials.

It shows Adriana Lima strutting around and talking about how much she loves Teleflora (yah, I had to google what that was too). I was bored and it looked like a commercial I would see at 2 AM right next to the cheesy 800 dating commercials.

Matthew Broderick

Who loves Ferris Bueller’s Day off? Who called in sick one day hoping to recreate that Ferris’ day, only to find how damn near impossible it was?

I know me too. Matthew recreates his Bueller days with his commercial for Honda, and yes, it was a winner. It was entertaining and even had a parade at the end. Who knew calling in sick could be so cool?

David Beckham

David Beckham. In his underwear. And that’s all.

Winner? I would say so. Excuse me while I go watch this commercial for the millionth time.