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VIP EXCLUSIVE: Christina Milian Is a Maker of Home

Celebrity VIP Lounge had the chance to talk to Christina Milian about her involvement with Latina magazine’s 20th anniversary celebration, her big family and her new social media campaign with Pinesol.

Christina Milian Lands Reality TV Show on E!

Christina Milian is officially part of the E! family! The network announced that the singer will have her own reality TV show, which will document the recording of her upcoming album.

The network announced:

“It’s always been non-stop for Christina who has been working as an entertainer since she was a kid, but with some recent events like a newly broken off engagement, her life has become even more complicated. She is an artist under Lil Wayne’s Young Money Label and working on another studio album with Wayne, who is currently touring with Drake. With these new professional commitments and as a mom, Christina constantly strives to find the balance she so desperately wants between family and career especially when her days are split between New York, LA and Miami. Whether this multi-talented artist is lending her musical expertise as the social correspondent on the hit series “The Voice” or a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars,” this powerhouse is really making a push to re-brand herself as edgy and modern and turning up her career to the next level.”

The show, tentatively titled “Christina Milian Turned Up,” is set to air in early 2015.

I can’t say that I’m going to be watching, because I’m not really a big Christina Milian fan. However, it’s definitely a good look for her and her career. She will get to promote her upcoming work and re-brand herself, if she plays her card right. To be connected with a big network like E! is a huge deal, so hopefully she uses the show to her best advantage.

Christina Milian: On Her Fiance, Wedding, Miley Cyrus & More


On Bethenny today, Christina Milian was on the show to chat about her fiance, upcoming wedding, Miley Cyrus and more. Girl is looking amazing!

Check out the highlights from the show below.


Bethenny: You went to her concert, you went with your fiancee. I am looking at the ring gorgeous.

Christina: Yeah, he did pretty good. Yeah we went, we sat front row, we were right there in front of her, she’s just an amazing performer. She’s such an inspiration as a woman.

Bethenny: Do you know her?

Christina: We’ve met a couple of different times and we have these great conversation about kids and stuff like that so I wouldn’t say we’ve gotten to hang out hang out all the way but we’ve definitely crossed paths so many times during the year. I had a good time there. Kevin Hart was sitting next to me, Kevin Hart is hilarious. I know Kevin, Kevin had me rolling the whole time calling her Tinker Bell and all this stuff, she did look like a blue Tinker Bell, she looked amazing. She just floated across the stage right in front of us she was just beautiful.

Bethenny: She really does it her own way.

Christina: In this day and age you really have the option to do that and it makes me really proud because it gives me the option to do whatever I want to do.


Bethenny: So you haven’t been very romantically public I am sure you’re trying to protect yourself but on New Year’s Eve you kind of let it slip a little and there is video of you celebrating with your fiance.

Christina: He’s a ton of fun we are like best friends, okay this sounds weird guys don’t get grossed out but we act like brother and sister where we are kind of like catty and annoying with each other but we get it. New Year’s Eve can be such a milestone for people and you think about what you have or don’t have. So was this an amazing one?Absolutely. It was great, it was just the two of us, which was nice and different, we were in Vegas. Really it was just going in with great energy and what could be better than being with your friends.


Bethenny: Will you do a big wedding?

Christina: I don’t know he has a big family, a really big family so I think it’s going to be big but I’m still like okay, we got a house, we got bills to pay, the life we like to live so I want it to be fun but I really just want to have people around that love us and understand us.


Bethenny: So Miley is a child of Disney but what do you think of her path and taking chances and doing whatever she wants?

Christina: You know what she’s an adult, she’s a woman and I just feel all artists are creative people and I think we have the right to express ourselves as artists. I don’t think a lot of people were ready for it, the way that it happened. It happened so drastically, it was dramatic like really quick. I will say at least she can sing and she has good songs. It’s one thing to say if you don’t have good songs and you’re doing all this stuff it’s like okay girl what are you doing?


Bethenny: So you’re known for your amazing body. You are and you work it and you rock it. Do u feel pressure about it?

Christina: I mean I pressure myself, it’s not necessarily what the public thinks but when I feel fit I feel good I feel more confident when I am eating right and when I know I am eating the right type of life that I want to I feel amazing but then I like to have fun too when the winter time comes around I call it my hibernation mode and eat lots of food and I sleep and I let those wings on the back of my arms that I am so blessed to have, those little flaps, I know you ladies know about that, those grow back and then by January I have to work those things off.

Bethenny: Right now you are in a resolution period? Really?

Christina: Yes.

Bethenny: How much weight do you gain during the winter?

Christina: I didn’t weigh myself this winter, I didn’t want to see it. Last winter I did 15 pounds it was.

Bethenny: You do that for like a roll, you a eat for the roll of winter. So what’s your diet philosophy, it’s extreme it sounds.

Christina: You mean to gain weight or lose weight?

Bethenny: In your life keeping yourself in shape, what’s your overall philosophy?

Christina: It’s actually not extreme, it’s very comfortable. When I decide that I am ready to be fit and I actually make a choice to work out I just do things like cut out carbs, a lot of red meats I cut down on that and drink a lot of water. Drink a lot of water you need to hydrate your body, your skin.


Birthday Bitches

Christina Milian is 31.

Philip Bosco is 82.

Donna Douglas is 80.

Kent McCord is 70.

Mary Beth Hurt is 66.

Olivia Newton-John is 64.

Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos is 58.

Linda Hamilton is 56.

Cindy Herron of En Vogue is 51.

Jim Caviezel is 44.

Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men is 40.

Kimora Lee Simmons is more than “JustFabulous” (PHOTOS)

[nggallery id=13]

This week was a big one for the fierce and fabulous Kimora Lee Simmons. As her newest venture as Director of JustFabulous, Simmons hosted a big fat bash at the Sunset Tower in West Hollywood with a shoe-tastic step and repeat.

Guests enjoyed music by DJ Mr. Best who mixed up some of the hottest top 40 hits while peeps sipped on signature cocktails and, most importantly, viewed the newest collection of JustFabulous shoes and tried on their latest jewelry accessories.

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Christina Milian partied hard in Vegas for her big 3-0!

Christina Milian celebrated her 30th birthday over the weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas and let me tell you, she lived it up! But there was no nonsense or drama at Milian’s party (or not that we heard of). Girlfriend celebrated with her family and her friends at the REVEL pool party on Saturday.

The group relaxed and soaked in the October sun in one of the pool’s VIP cabana and danced to the beats of SKAM artist DJ Scratchy. Milian was joined by her group at the hotel’s newly opened 35 Steaks + Martinis steakhouse for dinner where she was presented with a special ice cream birthday cake. The table had a great time during dinner with fans approaching the table throughout the night to send their birthday wishes. The group then headed to Vanity Nightclub to dance the night away. Milian’s actress pal Jennifer Freeman joined her for photos on the red carpet before heading inside and celebrating ringing in the big 3-0.

Happy Birthday, bitch!

Check out some of her birthday pics below!

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Birthday Bitches

Christina Milian is 30.

Philip Bosco is 81.

Donna Douglas is 79.

David Frizzell is 70.

Kent McCord is 69.

Bryan Ferry is 66.

Mary Beth Hurt is 65.

Lynn Anderson is 64.

Olivia Newton-John is 63.

Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos is 57.

Carlene Carter is 56.

Linda Hamilton is 55.

Doug Supernaw is 51.

Cindy Herron of En Vogue is 50.

Melissa Sue Anderson is 49.

Tracy Thorn of Everything But The Girl is 49.

Jim Caviezel is 43.

Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men is 39.

Christina Milian Throws a Bikini BFF Bridal Bash!

Christina Milian has clearly returned to her pre-baby figure.

The 29-year-old singer showed off her svelte new shape while hosting a bridal shower for her friend Felisa at the Fiat Beach House in the Malibu area of Los Angeles yesterday.

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