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Denise Richards Says Brooke Mueller’s Kids are Violent

And here we go again… Remember how Denise Richards has temporary guardianship of Brook Mueller and Charlie Sheen’s twin boys- Bob and Max? Well, it looks like that arrangement is about to come to an end, and Denise blames Brooke.

TMZ reports that Denise Richards has contacted the Dept. of Children and Family Services (DCFS) in L.A. County via letter to let them know she won’t be taking care of Bob and Max any longer.

The letter details some pretty disturbing behavior by the boy, namely that Bob and Max have been violent with the animals as well as with Denise’s daughters- Sam, Lola, and Eloise.

The letter states that the girls have been strangled, kicked in the head and stomach, scratched, bit, slapped, punched in the face and head, and spit on by Bob and Max. One particular instance of violence ended with Sam going to the doctor after Bob threw a toy at her face. Yikes!

Read more HERE at TMZ, and in related news, Charlie Sheen has declared “apocalypse now” and whatnot against Brooke Mueller and DCFS via Twitter. If you’re feeling the urge to binge on some Charlie Sheen insanity, TMZ has the details HERE.









Deion Sanders Gets To Keep His Kids


Look out Charlie Sheen!

Once again, Deion Sanders is winning. It is safe to say the guy is winning at life. Even when times get tough, Deion is winning.

It was a big fat heated child custody battle that the former NFL player was fighting against his estranged wife Pilar Sanders who was going in on him hard. And when it comes to kids, there is always a fight and sadly a lot of it has to do with the hard earned dollar.

Unfortunately for Pilar, she lost and as of today, Mr. Sanders will maintain FULL custody of their two boys 11 and 13 and they share custody of their 9-year-old daughter.

According to court documents, Deion will make all the major decisions for the boys’ lives, including education and health, while sharing responsibility for their daughter.

You could say that Deion is over the moon with the news. “I’m thankful; I’m elated. In any war, there will be casualties, but I didn’t want the casualties in this case to be my kids,” he said.

And well, as far as Pilar is concerned about the jury’s decision? She is said to be “flabbergasted”.

You can bet your booty that Pilar is definitely considering an appeal on this case.

Let me just say if I were Pilar I’d save my money on that appeal. I’m pretty sure that domestic assault arrest did not help her case any.

In Pilar’s defense, I’d like to hear the WHOLE story because gawd knows with Deion’s star power he was able to pull a few strings. Money talks and saves butts when in desperate need!

Remember y’all…there’s one side, the other side and then THE TRUTH! And IT will set you free.