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Denise Richards Says Brooke Mueller’s Kids are Violent

And here we go again… Remember how Denise Richards has temporary guardianship of Brook Mueller and Charlie Sheen’s twin boys- Bob and Max? Well, it looks like that arrangement is about to come to an end, and Denise blames Brooke.

TMZ reports that Denise Richards has contacted the Dept. of Children and Family Services (DCFS) in L.A. County via letter to let them know she won’t be taking care of Bob and Max any longer.

The letter details some pretty disturbing behavior by the boy, namely that Bob and Max have been violent with the animals as well as with Denise’s daughters- Sam, Lola, and Eloise.

The letter states that the girls have been strangled, kicked in the head and stomach, scratched, bit, slapped, punched in the face and head, and spit on by Bob and Max. One particular instance of violence ended with Sam going to the doctor after Bob threw a toy at her face. Yikes!

Read more HERE at TMZ, and in related news, Charlie Sheen has declared “apocalypse now” and whatnot against Brooke Mueller and DCFS via Twitter. If you’re feeling the urge to binge on some Charlie Sheen insanity, TMZ has the details HERE.









Charlie Sheen Definitely Knows One When He Sees One

So when he reached all the way back into Heidi Fleiss’ vernacular and called his ex-wife a whore it really went home. It hit so hard that Brooke Mueller is now running to a judge to reinforce the gag (no pun intended) order she had placed on the case in the first place. Her attorneys are alleging that Sheen has broken the rules and it is slightly possible that he could spend a few days inside of a jail cell because of it.

Charlie has been adamant about Brooke’s parenting skills and has even endorsed his other ex, Denise Richards, raising them instead. According to Sheen:

“Brooke is an evil and pathetic über loser and a whore. She’s as awful a parent and a person as you can possibly draw up.”

Well, tell us how you really feel, Charlie!

We’re speechless.

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Charlie Sheen Is About To Cut Brooke Mueller Off

So he’ll float a check or two to Lindsay Lohan, but the mother of two of his young children is going to have to fight for her child support money!

In this scenariocharlie_sheen_brooke_mueller_r, Charlie is making all the sense in the world. He is asking a judge to cancel the $55,000 a month he pays Brooke for the care of his twin sons – Bob and Max – because they are currently being cared for by his other ex, Denise Richards. Plus, Brooke is in rehab currently and he is afraid she will use the dough for more blow.

Fair enough, right?

Furthermore, Sheen has offered to raise the amount of dough he gives to Denise as she cares for his other two children by his other babymama, but Richards is refusing the money.

So Sheen is basically telling Mueller that she can pay for her own sobriety because she’s been about 20 times so far and how many of those stints has he paid for?

We say case closed.

You say…?

Six Degrees of Charlie Sheen

So we already know that Lindsay Lohan is on lockdown in Betty Ford for at least another 80 more days, give or take. And before she even gets settled in good, she’s about to get some company she may be familiar with.

Enter celebrity rehab.

Enter six degrees of Charlie Sheen.brooke-mueller

Enter Brooke Mueller.

Brooke has lost her kids to her ex-husband’s other ex-husband, she has more convictions than a college fraternity, and has done more lines than an Olsen twin, but now she has been disgraced even further. Not only does she have to go to rehab, but she’s likely to be sharing a toilet with none other than The Strawberry Snortcake. That’s right, folks, Mueller and Lohan will be sharing the same wing of the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage.

Let’s see who stays cleanest the longest after they get out.

Who is your money on?!

Brooke Mueller Loses Custody and Refuses Rehab Again


It seems there’s a new trend in Hollywood and its catching on fast. Brooke Mueller joins Lindsay Lohan in refusing rehab and continuing on her own special brand of drug-fuelled denial, whilst losing custody of her kids to her ex husbands other ex wife. Saying the N word these days is a new fashion and after seeing what happened to Amy Winehouse you would think these stars would have learnt that saying No to rehab wasn’t the way to go.

Brooke’s crystal meth use has been in the spotlight before and it seems the mother of four year old twins, Bob and Max refuses to seek help for her crazy addiction. Fearing that her drug use was jeopardising their safety, courts placed Brooke’s kids with Charlie Sheens other ex wife, Denise Richards, who seems more trustworthy and less likely to light up a crack pipe.

Social workers from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services removed the kids from their home and placed them with Denise, citing Brooke’s denial about her drug use as the reason for their removal. Brooke’s nutcase mother sided with her daughter and said everything was fine, and even after losing custody of Bob and Max Brooke is refusing to seek treatment.

It sounds like Brooke needs some down time lying by pool and staying off the meth, perhaps having some fun gaming with the best mobile casino at GamingClub.com and enjoying a little bit of harmless escapism that doesn’t involve drugs. There are so many other ways she can spend her time and rehab would be the best place for her to quit the dependency and start enjoying life.

Sources reckon that the only chance she has of seeing her sons now is if she is in a treatment program, so perhaps she needs to pop in to the Betty Ford clinic and hang out with Lindsay till they both get themselves sorted out and back on track.

Denise stepped in last year to take care of Brooke kids whilst she had a stint in rehab, and Charlie Sheen can count his lucky stars that he has at least one sane and normal ex wife to depend on. Brooke needs to sort herself out, as at 35 she’s far too old and far less famous than anyone in the 27 Club.

Brooke Mueller Loses Her Kids…to Denise Richards

You know it’s a sin and a goddamn shame when you lose custody of your kids to your ex-husband’s ex-wife before you. But in a case that reads like something from a warped episode of ‘Desperate Housewives’, that’s exactly what’s just happened to Brooke Mueller, the mother of Charlie Sheen’s twin sons.richards

According to official reports, Sheen and Mueller’s twin sons, 4-year old Bob and Max, were taken from Mueller’s home –which was deemed unfit for children due to her drug charges – and taken to the home of Sheen’s other ex-wife Denise Richards to stay with. Denise Richards has custody of their two daughters and is deemed fit to raise all four together while police investigate Mueller’s drug charges. Charlie Sheen approved this move and that is definitely a good move for all involved.

Stay tuned!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Brooke Mueller Is About To Blow Six Figures

If Lindsay Lohan shows up at Brooke Mueller’s door in the next few days, it’s because she’s heard what everyone has been ranting about the last few days. The former present former crackhead just won a ton of money from her lawsuit with the 16th, 17th, 18th we’ve lost count 19th rehab center she just entered. And seriously, when you enter rehab that many times, don’t you get the 20th visit for free or something? Surely, there is some kind of bonus or consolation prize for being locked up for thirty days or more without being able to touch the good stuff?! It seems someone from the clinic, The Canyons, leaked Mueller’s information to the media, including why she was there.

As if that was a secret?!

But other than her addiction to the white stuff, they also handed over her documents regarding her admissions process, which is a big big no-no. Seen as a victory for crackwhores everywhere, The Canyons just had to fork over a quarter of a million dollars to Charlie Sheen’s ex.

Don’t even try to read between these lines, folks, because they’ve already been snorted!

Brooke Mueller Is Just Exhausted…

So exhausted that she almost didn’t wake up. While some of us call that an overdose, Brooke Mueller, the ex-wife of Mr. Crackie himself – Charlie Sheen, considers it a power nap of epic proportions. What to the f*ckin’ EVER! Charlie’s ex was rushed the an L.A. hospital last night after O.D.ing on drugs, according to media outlets.

According to her friends (and what kind of friends are these anyway?!), Brooke has been hitting the pipe hard the last few weeks. Now it looks like she will have to go to rehab again. This will be at least the 15th time she’s been in a treatment center. As an official member of the Forever White Girl Wasted Syndrome Club, surely Brooke should have a V.I.P. room adjacent to Lindsay Lohan’s? And in an update on the f*ckery, Mueller has issued a statement through her paid piece denying all these latest allegation. “As a precaution, Brooke was brought to a local hospital and discharged after an hour. She was diagnosed with exhaustion and dehydration and is now fine and resting at home. That’s it.”

OK, folks. If I ever get so exhausted that I have to be revived via ambulance, paramedics, an IV drip, and lightning bolts to my titty balls? Houston, we have a goddamn problem!!

UPDATE: Brooke Mueller rehabbing with the Masheen Method

Brooke Mueller is going to take another stab at rehab. Yep, after two weeks of realization that this getting arrested for drugs thing really isn’t cool and that freaking out on another individual is idiotic, Mueller is ready to conquer her cracky attitude. At least she is willing and able, right? It’s at least more than we can say for Amy Winehouse and her constant “no, no, no” mantra. At any rate, we all know that the traditional rehab facility has not been working for Mueller, so instead so is going by the Masheen Method of Weening Off the Coke. Home rehab.

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Brooke Mueller is NOT a Drug Dealer

She’s just a junkie!

At least that’s what I say.

But according to the biggest former crackie of them all..her own ex-husband. Now that Brooke has had her first night out on the town since her most recent drug bust, tongues and noses are snorting wagging new allegations at the last Mrs. Charlie Sheen… Is Brooke not only doing the drugs…but dealing them as well?

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Charlie Sheen bailed Brooke Mueller out of jail

Charlie Sheen bailed Brooke Mueller out of jail after a coke infused caper. That’s the word on the street.

The last we heard Charlie Sheen was sober. Sober or not, we can now refer to Masheen as an enabler.

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Charlie’s Ex in the Clink…Again!

Brooke Mueller was arrested for cocaine possession in Aspen.

With parents like these, who would blame their kids if they ran away from home? Their parents are always running away as it is!

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, and the mother of his twins, was arrested in Aspen..again. Maybe all the snow on the ground made her want to scratch that itch again?

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Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller: Charlie Sheen’s new goddesses?

Kind of.

Has Charlie Sheen come full circle? After doing a bit of rumored rekindling with one of his baby mamas (Brooke Mueller), it is now being reported that Masheen has offered to move his ex-wife Denise Richards into a home next to him.

So does this mean Brooke and Denise are his new goddesses?

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This is like Rihanna and Chris Brown hooking up again.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller reconciling in Mexico?

It just SHOULDN’T happen. Sure RiRi and Brown didn’t have kids together, but still. Charlie and Brooke are just as toxic together and Ri and Breezy. Yes, they verbally abused each other and even got into some pretty damn physical fights, but is it possible to start over with a clean slate?

Good gawd. Here we go again. I get it. People can change. Charlie is the father of Brooke’s children AND he has money so it doesn’t surprise me that Brooke Mueller would consider rekindling her romance with MaSheen. But is it a wise move on her part? How far along is she in her recovery and if she is sober, is Charlie? And if Charlie is, how long will the sobriety last? And if he slips, will he bring Brooke along with him? Oh my. So many questions. At any rate, the couple IS in Punta Mita, Mexico to celebrate Brooke’s birthday with a private vacay.

I’ve heard that this is just an innocent get together but somehow these photos (below) show otherwise.

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