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Levi Johnston Wants Half!

We haven’t heard anything Palin related in a while, so here’s some news that will cure you all of that.

Bristol Palin, the daughter of Sarah Palin, is about to get issued some papers to show up in court and fight to maintain the current custody agreement concerning her son Tripp Palin. The babydaddy, Levi Johnston, is vying for a 50/50 split because he wants to be in the toddler’s life more. As of right now, Bristol has full custody.

But hold up! The plot trickens. According to Bristol’s lawyer, this is only a maneuver to avoid paying more in child support fees, with Levi allegedly behind to the tune of $66,000. Levi counter-claims that he as a wife and another young child to support as well.

We say get Levi a reality show and watch those bills fall by the wayside!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Levi Johnston Weds Sunny Oglesby

One child may be a bastard, but Levi Johnston is not going 2 for 2, it seems. According to sources, the former boyfriend of Bristol Palin has made a legal connection with his new baby mama, Sunny Oglesby. The two got married in Alaska over the weekend.

Somewhere in Alaska, Sarah Palin is smiling. Probably as she stares out at Russia from her porch.

The couple exchanged vows with over 100 friends and family present. Who was missing from the ceremony? Levi’s son, Tripp. According to Sarah Palin, Levi owes back child support on Levi and this may or may not play a part in Tripp’s absence from his father’s marriage. Because as we all know, it is truly intelligent to pop out another child when you cannot afford the one you already have. Is that Republican?!

Levi and Sunny are the proud parents of a baby girl that Levi decided to name Breeze Beretta Johnston. For her sake, I hope she insists on people calling her BeBe. That’s until she is old enough to legally change her name!