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Kanye West Bound 2 Video Is…Well…

Interesting. Cheesy. Poorly made…and well…cheap.

The Kanye West Bound 2 video was debuted on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and it seems as if after watching the video Ellen didn’t even know what to say other than, “that’s cool”. Cool as in we should expect the official Kimye sex tape to be released shortly.

In the video, West and his woman hop on a motorcycle together while vistas of landscapes and all sorts of natural scenery whiz by behind them. Although you can totally tell, it was one of those green screen moments and poorly edited. My guess is he edited it himself?

While on the motorcycle, the couple basically look like they are bumping and grinding to the beat of the song. And to be honest, they probably really WERE! Take a look for yourself and then let me know what you think.

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Via the Ellen show, Kanye also talks about his relationship with Kim and addresses his critics. You have to check these videos out after you get done cleaning up the puke from watching the above video.