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Miley Cyrus Breaks Down At Boston Concert (VIDEO)


Miley Cyrus has been known for her crazy antics as of late, especially while she has been on tour. But last night at her concert in Boston, Miley broke down hard.

We learned yesterday that Miley lost her little puppy Floyd and to say she was and still is devastated is an understatement. She even forewarned her Twitter followers yesterday with the following tweet.

“I’m sorry in advance if I am not myself tomorrow Boston,” she wrote. “I will try my best to be my best.”

Things got real difficult for Miley during her soundcheck before the show. She broke down in tears and dedicated the song “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac to her “favorite” pooch. “It’s gonna be hard for me to sing this next song,” she told the audience. “I’m not sounding myself, I don’t feel myself. “I’m sure you guys already know, but the reason I’m so upset is my dog. “I shouldn’t say he was my favorite, but he was my favorite, and he passed away.”

Loss is horrible for everyone. I absolutely hate seeing people cry, unless it’s Kim Kardashian crying because her plastic surgery job was not tight enough.

Check out the video below! It will get better Miley!