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Don’t Be Surprised If Another KimYe Baby Is On The Way


Kim Kardashian certainly put the internet into a big fat (and yes we mean fat) frenzy yesterday after she posted her post baby body picture. And let me just say, it isn’t your average oh-my-gawd-look-at-the-lipsuction-that-got-rid-of-my-stretchmarks post baby photo. Instead, Kimmy K. went above and beyond and posted a selfie of herself wearing a white (because we all know white gives the illusion of bigger) swimsuit with the back end shoved up her booty crack.

And you better believe Kanye had something to say about his woman’s behind shot that went viral.

Via his Twitter account he posted a response directed towards his baby mama saying in traditional Kanye All-CAPS style, “@KimKardashian: #NoFilter http://Instagram.com/p/fjw59uuS7b/ ” HEADING HOME NOW”. And we don’t think he is mad. Or maybe he is about ready to head home to spank her butt for posting such a revealing photo? Take it for what you will. All we know is that people are surely weighing in on this photo.

My thoughts on this whole situation?

In about February, keep your eye on Kimmy K’s belly because there is a damn good chance that the reality star could have another Kimye baby cooking in that belly as we speak. You know it went down last night!

What are your thoughts on this photo?

Jada Pinkett Smith Shows Off Her 40-year Old Bikini Bod

If you are forty years old and thinking, damn my body needs some work…here is your inspiration. Jada Pinkett Smith gave her Twitter followers a peek at what she’s been working on and now I feel like I have no excuse but to take my flabby ass to the gym.

In the above twitpic, Jada flaunted a sexy photo of herself emerging from the ocean looking like a picture perfect Bond Girl.

Pinkett Smith did give the word of encouragement (with a little bit of bragging) to her peers saying, “To my Forty and over crew! Don’t believe the hype…we DO get better with age!”

Like a fine wine, Jada. Like a fine wine.