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Bethenny Frankel Returning to Real Housewives of New York City

Confirmed: Bethenny Frankel is coming back to the Real Housewives of New York City for the show’s seventh season!

“I’m genuinely excited, with a side of slightly nervous, for my return to The Real Housewives of New York City,” Bethenny said in a statement to E! News. “Bravo has always been the place on television where I have the freedom to be unfiltered, honest and inappropriate, with an audience who has been with me from the beginning. I can’t wait to see what this next chapter brings for all of us. Watch what happens!”

Bravo’s own Andy Cohen expressed excitement for Bethenny’s return as well.  “Bethenny is one of the most popular Housewives in the history of the franchise, and I couldn’t be more excited she is coming home to Bravo,” he shared in a statement.

Carole Radziwill, Heather Thomson,Kristen Taekman, LuAnn de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer have all signed on for another season as well.

I like Bethenny all right, but I think she’s just in need of something to do to make sure she stays relevant after the cancellation of her talk show. Here’s hoping that she’s able to fit back in with the group.

Image via Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Bethenny Frankel’s Talk Show Cancelled

It’s official. Bethenny Frankel‘s talk show, Bethenny, has been cancelled. And the show’s only halfway through its first season.

A rep for Telepictures released a statement saying, “We are incredibly proud of the creativity, passion and professionalism Bethenny and her staff brought to daytime each and every day and look forward to finishing out the season with more great original episodes. While we are disappointed not to be able to bring the series back for a second season, we remain convinced that she has a unique voice and that she will continue to be successful in the future.”

Bethenny herself added, “I had a blast doing this show with Telepictures. My entire staff worked so hard and made everyday so much fun. I am thankful for the experience and for all my fans who tuned in every day.”

The show will remain in production through the end of the current season which will end in May.

I can’t really say that I’m surprised. Bethenny’s ratings weren’t the best. You have quite other talk show hosts, like Wendy Williams and Queen Latifah, that offer the same things that Bethenny does–celebrity news, interviews, and the like. There’s nothing really original about the show.  I like Bethenny, but I don’t think she stood out enough. Hopefully, she finds a new successful venture elsewhere. Wishing her the best.

Image via Variety

Faith Evans on Still Being Close With Diddy, Last Time She Saw Whitney Houston, On Getting Married Again & More


Faith Evans recently stopped by the Bethenny Frankel show and in case you were wondering…yes, she still hangs with Diddy, aka Puffy Daddy and yes, she has moved on from Biggy. Check out highlights from her interview with Bethenny Frankel below.


Bethenny: Well you really kind of are you know like hip-hip/r&b royalty. I mean you’ve been around for a while and you’ve…
Faith: Thanks Bethenny.
Bethenny: I mean you were married to Notorious BIG, who was respected and regarded like the Frank Sinatra of hip-hop music. I mean what a ride.
Faith: It was definitely a ride and I must say that despite all the craziness and you know everyone’s careers and lives didn’t end up how they thought it would, it was a lot of fun. You know in the beginning of my career being at Bad Boy especially that was like certainly a time in my life and career that I will never forget.
Bethenny: And Bad Boy, Puffy gave you your start, now P-Diddy.
Faith: Yes.
Bethenny: Well how do you think of him? P-Diddy
Faith: I still call him Puff.
Bethenny: You still call him Puff?
Faith: Mmmm hmmm
Bethenny: So he gave you your start and you are still great friends?
Faith: Yeah I actually saw him the other night. I stopped by a studio session he was at to tell him that I wanted him to come to my show next week at the House of Blues. Yea, we keep in touch. He sends my kids Christmas gifts every year and you know, we don’t talk all the time but the line of communication is open. You know, we text and email and he invites me to his events and vice versa.
Bethenny: He and I have the same birthday and we are both in the liquor business.
Faith: Oh yeah?
Bethenny: Yeah I feel like we have a couple of things in common
Faith: Oh wow! You know how to party like him too?
Bethenny: I could party pretty nicely.
Faith: Oh he knows how to party.
Bethenny: Yea I mean I don’t know how he knows how to party but for a Skinnygirl I could party, you know?


Bethenny: So in your life, I’m sitting here, you’re a young woman and you’ve experienced some great loss. Two of the most iconic people in music history who you were close with…to experience that kind of loss, how do you deal with that? How do you make sense of that? Do you go to religion, do you get angry?

Faith: Oh wow, I mean religion isn’t something, or my spirituality is definitely not something I go to, it’s always a part of my life. That’s definitely what kept me because it was difficult. I think getting through losing a husband, which that was the first time I lost someone in my life that was that close to me. So having had to go through that and all the public scrutiny and craziness that came with that, losing Whitney was a little bit different because you know it’s different because it was my husband and my friend but it was definitely a blow. Because when I saw her a couple of nights before she passed we hadn’t seen each other but we had been trying to hook-up and phone tagging and emailing and she was looking for me the entire night and when she finally caught me before I went on stage she just grabbed me so hard and was like “I love you so much” and I was like “I love you too, I’ve been looking for you!” and it just felt good to just see her and just the feeling we had. I mean we were like, it wasn’t an industry thing and we didn’t hang out everyday but when we did it was, I’m calling you, I’m coming around the corner and sit in the back yard and drink some wine and we’re just gonna kick it like two Jersey girls. Our daughters are the same age and they kind of grew up having a friendship so, she was very special.



Bethenny: Now are you in a relationship now?

Faith: Am I in a relationship?

Bethenny: Is there anybody special?

Faith: Well, well yes! See my friends always tease me because cause since I’ve been divorced, I’ve been divorced for two years, and they always you know, would kind of tease like well we know you’re not really gonna date anybody. They call me granny because I don’t really go out a whole lot and I get up to workout at 5am so I’m bed by like 8:30 so they’re like oh God granny’s not gonna go. But they always tease me about me like not probably really being open to really dating but because that word just to means like that you got a gang of people coming in and out of your life, you know like you’re seeing multiple people, and I’m not, that’s just not me. I’m very careful about who I bring into my private space in that sense. Especially in a romantic sense because I have children

Bethenny: Exactly

Faith: I have to really think about it. I don’t waste my time spending time to see oh, can I go out with him a few times to see if I like him. I don’t wanna just see…if he turned me off already then…

Bethenny: Well it’s funny that you say that because we are talking later on a panel about that. About most women say that, I think it was that most men say that after three dates, they know if they are falling in love with someone. Would you agree with that?

Faith: Well I can’t say that I would put that number on it but it’s happened to me in different ways. I mean when me and Big met, although people say that we were married in 9 days, we actually married less than two months after we met each other. But very early on within the first couple of weeks we definitely felt like we were in love with one another. And I love good energy and if you know, I feel like the connection with him was just the fact that he was a good person.

Bethenny: Do you think that you will ever get married again? I know you believe in love but do you believe in marriage?

Faith: I don’t know, there was a time when that was definitely a part of my big picture…being married and growing old with someone. And I wouldn’t say no but I’m certainly not looking for it. I think if it comes and God says hey this is you know, I think that I’ll feel that, I’ll say hey, this is God telling me that I need to be with this person. But I don’t think marriage necessarily, you know, means that that makes it a meaningful relationship. So just being married with a ring and a paper doesn’t necessarily solidify the closeness or the bond that you guys have.

Bethenny: I agree with you, nor does it mean that you are going to spend the rest of your life with someone, unfortunately.
Faith: Not at all.

Kristin Cavallari Reveals The Truth Behind Her Breakup with Jay Cutler Prior To Their Wedding

Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Bethenny

Kristin Cavallari was on the Bethenny Frankel show recently and revealed a whole lot about her breakup and makeup with Jay Cutler. Check out the highlights from the interview below.

Bethenny: They said you got pregnant to keep your boyfriend.

Kristin: So, Jay and I got engaged.

Bethenny: Which by the way is not really the greatest way to keep a boyfriend.

Kristin: If you knew anything about it is the last thing I would do. Jay and I got engaged really quickly after 8 months and we had a lot of things to work on. So, I broke up with him because some things needed to change and the only way he was going to see how serious I was was if I broke up with him. It wasn’t the end. The long story short, the press basically said he left me at the altar and I’m devastated and this and that, which was so far from the truth and I didn’t say anything because I didn’t feel it was anyone’s business. I was like let’s just let it die down. We got back together literally three weeks later.

Bethenny: What did you do? You lost all contact? What was that three weeks like?

Kristin: I tried to lose all contact. That didn’t happen. I actually did “DWTS” which he didn’t want me to do.

Bethenny: Well of course seeing you in those costumes grinding with those sexy men.

Kristin: Right, so I did some things that he didn’t want me to do but I was like I am going to make my own decisions, I’m going to do what I want to do.

Oh snap. I guess we know who wears the pants in THAT relationship!

Dina Eastwood Says Francesca Eastwood’s Marriage Was NOT A PR Stunt


Dina Eastwood may be splitting from her husband Clint, but she’s still an active part in your step-children’s lives. Apparently she had something to say about Francesca Eastwood’s wild night in Vegas that ended in marriage via the Bethenny Frankel show. Check out the highlights below:

Bethenny: So your stepdaughter got an annulment after a week. She went to Vegas.
Dina: You know what that lovely gal, oooh wow.

Bethenny: She married Jonah Hill’s brother.

Dina: She’s an adrenaline junkie. She’s a lovely, smart amazing person who will do a goof off at a whim.

Bethenny: Do you feel it’s a PR stunt?

Dina: No, goodness no PR stunt oh gosh. All the Eastwood children are out of the spotlight don’t like to do stuff.

Bethenny: Alison’s lovely, I’ve met her.

Dina: Alison’s great. They are all amazing. Francesca would actually do something like that thinking that no one would ever find out. They don’t get that they are tied to Clint Eastwood or that they have a little bit of success on their own. So she calls me and says, ‘I didn’t think anyone would find out.’ Are you sh***** me? Like what are you doing? Get home. I just want to ring her neck but I am going to hug her too.
Bethenny So it’s annulled now. They were drinking?

Dina: She says no drinking but she’s 20 so of course she tells her step-mom no drinking. What are you thinking? Probably, let’s go have a fun day. I don’t know what you’re thinking but I am going to find out this week I hope. I do think annulment, yes, is occurring as we sit on the couch.

After the Eastwood divorce, she won’t have a whole lot to cash in on.

Lance Bass on His Engagement & The NSYNC Reunion at the VMAS

Lance Bass stopped by the Bethenny Frankel show to dish on the NSync reunion, as well as his new engagement. Check out the highlights from the show below.

Bethenny: So how cool were the VMAS?

Lance: VMA’s were incredible.

Bethenny: So there was a little talk of it being short. That was a whole big moment right?

Lance: It was incredible. I would have loved longer for sure but I would have taken two seconds. We had such a great time.

Bethenny: Did it feel like the energy was the same together?

Lance: It was like not a day has passed. It was like our ten year high school reunion. We got together a week before and just had a blast with old brothers. It was quite a moment for us.

Bethenny: And you all know what that was like to feel like in that moment years ago, you have that connection that you’ll always have that is so great.

Lance: Oh yeah, nothings changed.

Bethenny: Congratulations. Lance is engaged.

Lance: Thank you very much. Don’t have the ring yet, I get it today.

Bethenny: Are you getting the ring today?

Lance: Today, we’re actually going to get the rings. Well I have his ring already because that’s how I proposed in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago but we had to get them all sized and everything.

Bethenny: How does that work out? Like do we always know that you would be the one that would have to propose. What if you both did it at the same time on the same night?

Lance: No. Now that gay marriage is legal the rules have not been really established yet. So we are all kind of establishing them and the traditions now.

Lea Michele Talks Her Ample Bosom With Idol Bethenny Frankel

Talk show host Bethenny Frankel is joined by “Glee” star LEA MICHELE on Thursday, June 21st. Lea chats about meeting her role model, Bethenny, returning to “Glee” next season and about her breasts being center stage! Check out the highlights of the interview below.


Lea: I’m freaking out right now…first of all, I like almost started to cry. I’m so excited. I’m just so happy for you. This is so amazing.

Bethenny: Thank you.

Lea: I love you so much…this is great. I was like back stage in my dressing room and I snuck out. I was walking down the halls and I was like where is she? [Bethenny] I can’t find her! I was like, I’m just going to go get water. They’re like it’s in your room. No, I got to go for a little walk down the hall.


Bethenny: So how’s it going with “Glee”?

Lea: Everything’s great.

Bethenny: Some people are moving on? What’s the story? Some people are moving on, some people are staying?

Lea: I can basically just speak for myself and say that I will be back.

Bethenny: Are you going to be living in New York? Your character is going to beliving in New York?

Lea: Yes.

Bethenny: I love that.

Lea: Which is so awesome.

Bethenny: I love that.

Lea: But I think we’ll mainly be shooting here…


Bethenny: Speaking of baggage, you are packing the bosoms lately…

Lea: Oh, thank you.

Bethenny: In all these pictures.

Lea: But they’re all mine. I just don’t know. I think that lately, everyday they’re like please, give us a chance. Give us shot. We’ve always been so good to you.

Bethenny: Bring us out. Let us come out.

Lea: When I was on Broadway, my most recent Broadway show was “Spring Awakening” and every night I did a topless scene. So when I lived in New York, they were like every night signing autographs. They were like the stars of New York…

Photo Credit: Mark Davis/Warner Bros.

Alanis Morrisette Would Breastfeed Her Child Until A Teenager If Need Be

Talk show host Bethenny Frankel is joined by new mom ALANIS MORISSETTE on Wednesday, June 20th. The music superstar chats with Bethenny about “attachment parenting” and the recent breastfeeding controversy that has swept the nation. Let’s just say that Alanis is one of those who would breastfeed her child boobie juice until it’s a teenager.

Check out highlights from the interview below.

Bethenny: So we’ve been talking about the topic of breastfeeding. I breast-fed until my baby was four months. I would’ve loved to go way longer, but it just wasn’t working for me. And most people stop at six months. And how old is your son?

Alanis: He’s a year and half.

Bethenny: A year and half… and you are still breastfeeding now?

Alanis: Yes.

Bethenny: And how long would you go?

Alanis: Until he is finished.

And the audience goes wild.

Bethenny: So you guys like that? So what does that mean? Does that mean if he was five [years old] that would work too?

Alanis: Yeah, I think one of the misperceptions about breastfeeding, when they get a little bit older, is the thought that it is still as often as it is when women do it in the first six months. It’s not every two hours.

Bethenny: Oh, I didn’t know that, ok. There is food involved also, so it’s not the only food they’re getting.

Alanis: Yeah. Tons of solids and a lot of times it’s around naptime or if they hurt themselves, they equate breastfeeding with comfort and nurturance and connection…

Bethenny: The thing I think is interesting is people get very critical about this and this isn’t about being judgmental. I really just want to talk about it. Because for me, I felt that I wanted it to be my own time. I think a lot of people in the press are talking about is it good for the child? And of course that’s the most important thing. But, sometimes the Mother wants to have that connection. To continue to have that connection. I liked that it was something I had alone with my daughter…and when that stopped, I was sad.

Alanis: It is about the Mom and the Child too. There is a mutual benefit and I think the extremes is where people get a little bit scared and the topic gets really heated…

Cheryl Burke and Rob Kardashian Were Totally Doing It

Talk show host Bethenny Frankel is joined by “DWTS” Pro, CHERYL BURKE on Thursday, June 14th as part of premiere week on “bethenny.” Cheryl reveals which of her dance partners has the best backside. Plus, Cheryl opens up to Bethenny about recently reuniting with her biological father…


Bethenny: Who has best ass of any partner you’ve ever had?

Cheryl: Oh, best ass? I’d have to go with a Kardashian…Oh my god, Rob’s ass is cute. Right, something to hold on to.

Bethenny: I want to know if Maksim’s (Chmerkovskiy) ass is as good as I think it is?

Cheryl: Ah, Rob’s is way better…

Bethenny:..I love Maksim’s ass…


Bethenny: We have something in common that we both have Daddy issues.

Cheryl: Daddy issues, yes.

Bethenny: And, you haven’t spoken to your father in a decade?

Cheryl: Right, it’s been ten years.

Bethenny: You hadn’t spoken to him at all?

Cheryl: I hadn’t spoken to him. I had just spoken to him recently. We reunited.

Bethenny: How recently?

Cheryl: Just over Christmas, actually. He got in a really bad accident so for me I was really wanting to reach out…

Bethenny: Did you want to reach out because you felt, god forbid something had happened then you would have gotten to say thing you’ve never said….

Cheryl: I just wanted to make sure that everything in my life was ok and I felt like there was that void in my life. I have a wonderful stepfather who has been my father but it was really important for me just to reach out to my dad. Just for me and to like, have some closure if anything really were to happen.

Bethenny: I understand that emotion. And, it’s comfortable and it’s working?

Cheryl: It’s great. He’s emails me everyday. He’s been watching the show. He lives in Thailand. So he’s been watching the show through YouTube and just saying how beautiful he thinks I am. And you know, when it comes from your real father there is something so magical and genuine about that.

Photo Credit: Mark Davis/Warner Bros.

Bethenny Frankel Drinks Cocktail Off Coco Austin’s Famous Booty

Bottom’s up! Talk show host Bethenny Frankel chats with COCO AUSTIN, wife of rapper Ice-T, known for having one of the most talked about bootys in Hollywood on Thursday, June 14th as part of premiere week on “bethenny.” Coco sets the record straight about her butt being real, even giving Bethenny the chance to drink a cocktail off her famous backside.

Check out the highlights from the episode below.

Bethenny: I need to see this thing.

Coco stands up and Bethenny dances behind her.

Coco: It’s ok to have a little dimples, girls. I’ve got them. OK. In my mind, I’m a skinny girl, but I know I’m really not. But in my mind, I got it.

Bethenny: Listen. This is every man’s dream. This is every woman’s dream and you are such a sweet person. That it’s not like you have an attitude about it. And, you work hard at it. Right?

Coco: I work hard. People don’t know that. I’m like a body builder in the gym….

Bethenny: And, it’s real?

Coco: It is real. This is real.

Bethenny: It’s your real god given derrière?

Coco: Now, let me tell you. I’m 33 years old (crowd applauds). Thank you. Of course it was smaller when I was in my teenage years. So everybody looks at pictures and they’re like, it’s not as big as it is now. But, I’m 33. I’m a woman. I gain weight.

Bethenny: I want to put your butt next to mine. I think mine fits on one cheek.

Photo Credit: Mark Davis/Warner Bros.

Bethenny Frankel Is Naughty, Spanks Holly Robinson Peete! (VIDEO)

Bethenny Frankel is surely trying to draw attention to her new talk show “bethenny” as she gets down and DIRTY with guest Holly Robinson Peete. Peete opens up about her unexpected departure from “The Talk” and explains why she is obsessed with the pop culture phenomenon “50 Shades of Grey,” spanking and all.


Bethenny: So, I’m watching “The Talk” and you were one of the most interesting people on there. You’re saying what’s on your mind and you’re going there. The next day you’re not there anymore. What happened?….Welcome.

Holly: Well, welcome to the “bethenny” show. That’s why we love you, because you do keep it real. This is what I will say, here is the bottom line. Every opportunity in life is a chance to learn. I was thrilled to get this gig on paper. It was the dream job. I have four kids I can get out of here… go to car pool, pick up the kids. I delivered. I did everything they needed me to do. But, in the end there are certain things that you have no control over. I ain’t the first girl to lose a job. I mean in this country, everyone is losing jobs.

Bethenny: How difficult and how catty is it to be with a group of women at a table in the morning gossiping? I’m here alone and I have other people coming on, but how difficult is that, seriously?

Holly: I firmly believe that women can get along. I really do.

Bethenny: Well then again, I came from the “Housewives” so…

Holly: That’s right.

Holly: Here’s the deal when you get a job like this and you are sort of erased from the table. That was the hard part. Losing a job, like I said, the country is in an unemployment spiral. So, I’m not the only one to do that, it’s how it happened. Leah Remini and I just sort of evaporated from the table. That was the weird part. Then the viewers were like wait, what happened? This is a show about keeping it real and honest moments and now it’s the ‘elephant in the room’ show. That was the weird part, but you know what? Here is the bottom line — every wall is a door.

Bethenny: I like that.

Holly: Every time you get knocked down, it opens you up to all other opportunities.


Bethenny: Let me spank you… get into character.

Bethenny: I’m the kind of girl that likes it hard. You tell me when you’re ready.

Holly: Ok, go ahead.

Bethenny spanks Holly

Bethenny: It feels good…I hope Ellen left. You know what I mean. It’s a good thing I saved…

Holly: Seriously, this really brought it back for you in the bedroom because I’ve been married 17 years. We just celebrated our 17th anniversary a couple days ago. And I will say we do need a little spark, so I’m hoarding this book to myself right now and pretending it’s fifty beautiful ways to make love to your wife.

Bethenny: You’re preparing. You’re getting ready. You don’t bring it out until you know the whole scope.

Holly: Right, but I have to say I am scared. I am scared that he is going to spank me too hard and I might punch him in the face…

Photo Credit: Mark Davis/Warner Bros.

Bethenny Frankel Pulls In Big Superstar For Her Talk Show

Bethenny Frankel was able to get a big star for her new talk show “bethenny” but it wasn’t too hard to land her since she was the one to get her the show.

On Tuesday, June 12th, Frankel is joined by Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday, June 12th as part of premiere week on “bethenny.” The fellow talk show hosts chat about recently attending an event with President Obama and Ellen gives the scoop on wife Portia de Rossi’s new haircut and new tattoo!


Bethenny: I know you were at an event with Obama who’s supporting gay marriage.

Ellen: Yes, I got to say, I liked President Obama before and I said to him…thank you so much for what you’ re doing. He said, I’m just doing the right thing. I said, I know you are doing the right thing.

Bethenny: I went up to him (President Obama) and you get a card and you get your picture taken and I said to him, you know, just a couple of things and then I said, I’m doing a talk show with Ellen DeGeneres and he’d been at your event which 700 people and then was at my event that probably had 70 people. He spoke for like an hour and as he’s leaving. He speaks to everybody and he goes like this (points to Bethenny) Good Luck. I was like, I can’t even believe that he remembered that I said I’m doing a show with Ellen. So I had a moment with the President saying good luck on your talk show….It was the most unbelievable thing…


Bethenny: The real news is that Portia cut her hair.

Ellen: She cut her hair.

Bethenny: Were you part of the decision?

Ellen: No, no, I support whatever she decides do to but it is a brand new haircut. She was so upset we got paparazzi the other day and she was like, couldn’t of been at an event when it was done and everything…

Bethenny: But that is so cute, that hair.

Ellen: It’s adorable.

Bethenny: I want to cut my hair. I feel like woman hide behind their hair. You say when I get pregnant I’m going to cut my hair. When I lose weight I’m going to cut my hair. When I get a talk show I’m going to cut my hair. I still haven’t done it.

Ellen: She wanted to do it for a long time and she grew up modeling and of course you’re supposed to have long hair…Everyone told her never to cut her hair. I think it just got to be part of her. She always had long hair. She really, really wanted to do it for a long time and decided to. She got a tattoo recently and that opened the door to everything…

Bethenny: Piercings?

Ellen: Oh, piercings (joking) no. She got a tiny little tattoo (on her wrist.) It’s a brand of her horse. It’s a Hanoverian. Not my name, it’s her horse (sarcastically.) Then she decided to get her haircut and everybody was like oh, you’re going to regret it. It’s adorable and I love it.

Bethenny: She feels liberated?

Ellen: She loves it. Everybody loves it…

Photo Credit: Mark Davis/Warner Bros.

Vanessa Williams Consoles Bethenny Frankel During Premiere Of Talk Show

Bethenny Frankel invites actress/author Vanessa Williams (book, “You Have No Idea”) to be the very first guest on the premiere episode of “bethenny” on Monday, June 11. The two, having met on vacation years ago, catch up and chat about their relationships with their mothers. And it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Other guests appearing on the premiere episode are best-selling author, Dr. Roshini Raj (book, What the Yuck?!: The Freaky & Fabulous Truth About Your Body) and a Guys’ Panel,made up of Kevin Nealon, D.L. Hughley and Mike Catherwood.


Vanessa: I don’t want to repeat a lot of the stuff that I went through … my mother would say, “No” and I’d say, “Well, you know what? I’m going to do it anyway.” There was a dynamic there.

Bethenny: A lot of my life is based on me not wanting to repeat my childhood. The kind of mother my mother was. I know you reconciled with her. Did you reconcile because you felt, as we get older, that maybe you’d feel guilt later if you didn’t close a chapter? Getting closure. I’ve sometimes felt that the guilt. What would happen if something ever happened to my mother? Who I really don’t have a relationship with … then the guilt. Is that the closure part?

Vanessa: I always had a relationship with my mom. The battle stopped once I got married. Then she said, “OK, I can’t control her. She has set her life now. I got married at 23…

Bethenny: …I envy the fact that you were able to write a book with your mother. I couldn’t even imagine my mother even discussing anything that happened in my childhood. You know, it’s difficult.

Vanessa: It’s painful….

Check out a clip below.

Photo Credit: Mark Davis/Warner Bros

Bethenny Frankel Gets Talk Show Advice From Ellen

Bethenny Frankel makes an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday, May 29th and Ellen gives Bethenny advice on how to become a successful host for her upcoming talk show, “bethenny,” premiering on June 11th on select fox owned and operated stations, including NY and LA.


Ellen: My advice to you is to be yourself. Not be what you think a talk show host should be or what you’ve seen a talk show host be because the way that you’re going to be successful is by being someone that they haven’t seen before. You don’t want to try and copy a format.

Bethenny: I agree with that.

Ellen: I think you need to have fun and genuinely because the audience can sense when you’re having fun. The audience can sense if you’re being authentic so you just be your self. You know you are very outspoken, which is why I think you’re going to be great for television. You have strong opinions and I think people will relate to that or disagree but it will be a discussion. I think you’re going to be great.

Bethenny: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Will you be watching “Bethenny”???

Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

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