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Beyoncé Implies Bieber is the Greatest, Angering Bieber Fans

Beyoncé and Jay Z made a few Beliebers a little angry on Wednesday night during a performance on their recently launched “On the Run” tour, and if I’m honest, I think their anger is misplaced. And by “they” I’m not talking about Bey.

A series of mugshots were shown with Jay Z’s “Izzo” playing in the background. And then the music stopped and Justin Bieber’s famed mugshot appeared. And then?

Then, according to the Mirror, Beyoncé stated that “Even the greatest can fall.”

Cue a rush of angry Bieber fans! Oh, the humanity! (Okay, so not all angry, as seen below)

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 5.51.53 PM

Okay, look- I totally get that Beyoncé and Jay Z stopped the show and gave Bieber’s mugshot emphasis. And then the pause in music was punctuated with a statement. But Beliebers! Beyoncé said “even the greatest…”

That implies Bieber is the greatest!

Not sure I’d use that to describe Bieber, but hey, it’s Beyoncé’s world and I’m just living in it. I do know that before Justin’s mugshot was shown, there were some pretty big names on the screen. And then up goes Bieber. So, not only is he in good company but Beyoncé calls him “the greatest.”

I really don’t understand what the Beliebers are so upset about. Sure, “the greatest” is followed with “fall”- implying that he has fallen? Is that what the fuss is about? Whatever it is, I’m only making the case that Beliebers should rejoice. Because whether or not is was said in jest or not, Bey called your dude “the greatest.”

And besides, Bill Gates has yet to “fall.” Not really. And he certainly didn’t in the years after this mugshot of him. Or if he has, I’d like to “fall” too, because apparently that implies I’ll “fall” into a billion dollars. And Tupac? A legend. I rest my case.

Bieber fans- step back, take a breath and with a little perspective it’s clear Beyoncé is not necessarily your enemy.

Video below!

Justin Bieber: Beat on Stage

Oh, we do believe in miracles!! And this weekend, one magically appeared before us and we are secretly laughing at this bit of news.bieber

I guess when it comes to the Middle East…ain’t nobody got time for that!!!

In Dubai over the weekend, one of the poptrix of the moment, Justin Bieber, was attacked during his performance. An alleged fan hopped on stage as he was on the piano and grabbed him. Before the fan could slap Bieber within an inch of his life for his fake romance with Selena Gomez, his security detail pulled him away. Bieber, ever the professional, continued on as if nothing ever occurred. Now this alleged fan will be killed by the Beliebers. So was it really worth it?

We will see.

Dozens of Beliebers Injured After Justin Bieber’s Norway Concert










Justin Bieber has been having his share of run-ins with the law lately! After going crazy on a paparazzo snapping pics of him and girlfriend Selena Gomez, the singer flew to Norway to  promoting his upcoming album Believe in Norway with a bunch of surprise performances. But even in another country, he still seems to be causing trouble!

Fans of the huge pop star were really excited that their favorite singer was in town, causing mass crowds to follow Justin around town. The mayor of Oslo, Fabian Stang, reported that dozens of fans — 49 teenage girls, 14 of whom were taken to the hospital for emergency care — were injured! And Stang plans on getting to the bottom of it!

“I have already called on the Emergency Planning Agency to examine the entire event from the planning stage to its implementation. We have to find out what went wrong and why it happened,” Stang declared.

Things got so bad that Stang even admitted to hiding behind a tree to get away from the fans. Some of them even chased Justin by boat!

I will say one thing about Beliebers. They are the most dedicated group of stans (we’re talking INTENSE fandom) that I have ever seen! And the Belieber movement is worldwide! You don’t want to come between them and Justin (Ask Selena!).

For the U.S. Beliebers, Believe will be released in stores across the United States on June 19 and tickets for his tour go on sale June 2. Just please don’t cause a panic like this!

Image via FanPop