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Celebrity VIP Lounge

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Lady Gaga Is About To Rape Our Retinas Again

After lying low for a while healing her busted hip, Lady Gaga is set1522342_n_ImgG to assume her position as ‘Le Fame Whore Extrem’ (it’s classier in French, no?) starting with this year’s MTV Video Music Awards on August 25th. She’ll probably arrive on a golden unicorn and orange hair and buck nekkid dancers on each side of her. Whatever outre display she chooses, what people are really eagerly anticipating is the release of her new single. Still untitled, it will be on her fourth studio album ARTPOP, which will be dropping in the coming months.

So VIPers, are you ready for all things Gaga over the next year and half or would you like to have a bit more of a breather? We’re on the fence. Sure, she’s talented, but we can do without the shenanigans!

Lindsay Lohan To Star In Lady Gaga Video

I always knew Gaga was an odd duck so it shouldn’t really surprise me that now she is BFF’s with Freckles. Yes, Lady Gaga is pretty much BFF’s with Lindsay Lohan.

And you know how I know that Gaga is all up and into Lilo? Well, we all know how Gaga feels about her music videos. Well get this, she is allowing La Lohan to be in her upcoming video off of her new album ARTPOP.

Just last month Gaga and Freckles hung out together at the Chateau Marmont and there were rumors of a girly sleepover. Well apparently now these two are so close that Gaga wants Lindsay in her upcoming video. Now I don’t know about you but this freaks me the eff out. Gaga AND Lindsay…together.

A source said, “Lady Gaga and Lindsay caused a stir last month when they had their ‘sleepover’ at the Chateau [Marmont] and now it turns out that Lindsay will be starring in Gaga’s new video from her upcoming album.”

Granted Liz & Dick is supposed to be Lindsay’s big fat comeback flick, but a role in Gaga’s video could be huge for the comeback kid.

The source added, “Due to Gaga’s superstar status, this would be Lindsay’s biggest [role] by far in many, many years.”

Another source was just as confused as we are. “Why this huge artist — who could literally have anyone she wants — chose someone currently at the bottom of the Hollywood food chain remains a mystery.”

Mystery or not, we all know one thing. Gaga roots for the underdog and Lindsay is definitely one of the world’s best known underdogs!

Lady Gaga Announces New Album!

Lady Gaga is hoping that with new music she will be able to regain her reign on the pop charts. The Judas singer recently posted a photo of her latest tattoo with the word “ARTPOP” in black ink on her forearm along with the message “new album, new ink”. While many peeps were wondering whether “ARTPOP” is in fact the name of her new album title, Gaga took to her Twitter to confirm.

Gaga tweets, “Make sure when writing about my new album/project ARTPOP that you CAPITALIZE the title. *Its all in the details* good morning twitter!”

ARTPOP will be Gaga’s THIRD studio album and is set for release sometime early next year. The eccentric pop star is still touring in support of “Born This Way” and will hit up Europe starting August 14th.

My biggest question is, how will she top being slimed up, hibernating and then emerging from an egg to promote her new single? It’s hard to really know what to expect with Gaga. One thing is for sure, girlfriend will definitely try to shock the hell out of us. She’s definitely the Howard Stern of the music industry.