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Amanda Bynes Arrested for Allegedly Being Under the Influence

Oh no. Looks like Amanda Bynes was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence!

The actress was arrested on Sunday morning with the California Highway Patrol West Valley Office determining that she was indeed on something while behind the wheel, though the substance hasn’t been revealed yet. “Amanda was displaying symptoms that led us to believe she may have been under the influence of a stimulant,” a CHP spokesperson told E! News. “It possibly could be a combination of a stimulant and other drugs. We do not know.”

Amanda was released on $15,000 bail, but this is definitely not over yet. Because she is still in the middle of her three-year probation from a DUI back in 2012, it’s possible that she might have to spend some time behind bars. “As far as the criminal case is concerned, she is facing the real possibility of jail time,” criminal defense attorney Troy Slaten said to E! “If she is convicted of a second-offense DUI, the law requires a minimum of 96 hours (or four days) of jail.” (Slaten has never represented the actress, but just gave some legal opinion on the situation to the media outlet).

After a six month treatment program last year, Amanda seemed to be doing well, moving in with her parents and look healthy! She apparently moved out several months ago, but was attending school at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Irvine, CA. tyra

I’m just….disappointed. I was literally thinking about her the other day, and was happy that she was staying on the right path, and then this. Amanda has so much talent, and I hate to see her revert back to her old ways! Hopefully, she gets it back together.

Image via AKM-GSI

Former Destiny’s Child Member Farrah Franklin Arrested for Disorderly Conduct

Songbird turned jailbird! Farrah Franklin, best known for her very short stint alongside Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams in Destiny’s Child, was arrested for disorderly conduct on Sunday, July 20 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, according to TMZ.

NFL players Da’Quan Bowers and Ricky Sapp went out with Farrah on the beach on Saturday night, and apparently, when they got back to Ricky’s house, Farrah was reportedly wasted and got very crazy! The men eventually called police due to her antics, saying that they thought the former singer might be involved with drugs since she would go to the bathroom for long periods of time. Farrah was found lying down in the front yard of a neighbor, claiming she was going to sleep in the woods. It was reported that police described her as “highly intoxicated,” but said she denied using drugs.

Farrah appeared in Destiny’s Child for five months back in 2000. She, along with Michelle, replaced LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson, but was fired from the group shortly after. Of course, DC continued on as a trio before disbanding in 2006.

“We have to say that Farrah was not kicked out of Destiny’s Child,” Beyonce said on Total Request Live at the time. “She actually did not show up for three major promotional events, one of which was ‘MTV All Access.’ She walked out on [that], and the KUBE Summer Jam was another one in Seattle. You’ll all see that on the [‘All Access’] show. We also had a five-day promotional tour in Australia, which was our first visit there and very important, and she didn’t come. So we all agreed that Farrah and Destiny’s Child should part ways, and we wish her the best in the future. But it wasn’t a management decision, it was a group decision.”

Sad to see Farrah in such disarray! I’m not sure what she’s up to now, but hopefully she gets herself back on track soon.

Image via Splash News Online

Shia LaBeouf Arrested After Disorderly Conduct at Broadway Show

More trouble for Shia LaBeouf! Turns out the actor was really rowdy at a Broadway show in New York City, eventually getting handcuffed, escorted out, and charged with disorderly conduct!

Shia was reportedly disruptive during a production of Cabaret in the city on June 26. A source at the show said he was “harassing audience members, harassing actors on the stage, and chain smoking inside the theater,” during the first act. “Shia seemed out of sorts,” another source said. “He was interacting with strangers during the show and slapping peoples’ backsides. He was trying to avoid the police and fell. Then he was cursing at the police while being taken into custody.” His misbehavior got him escorted out by NYPD during intermission. Sadly, I can see this whole scene so clearly in my head.

According to Broadway World, bystanders on the street where Shia left say the actor was “in tears when taken away by police.”

An NYPD spokesperson later told Us Weekly that Shia “has been charged with disorderly conduct. He was also charged with criminal trespass. While at Studio 54 he was upsetting patrons, being loud and yelling. He’ll be jailed. There will be a court appearance for this matter.”

Who does this?! I feel bad, but then again I don’t. It’s obvious that something is going on with him, and he needs to work it out. To me, Shia has always been talented (and cute when he’s cleaned up), and I hate that another actor’s talent is seeming to go down the drain. Hopefully, he gets himself together soon! I’m not sure what’s going to happen now that he’s officially been charged. He might just get off, but who knows? Maybe some jail time will straighten him out a little bit.

Image via Luca Teuchmann/WireImage

Avatar’s Sam Worthington Arrested for Allegedly Punching Photographer

Don’t mess with a man’s girlfriend! Sam Worthington was arrested Sunday in NYC’s Greenwich Village after getting into a scuffle with photographer Sheng Li.

The actor, known for his lead role in Avatar, was reportedly defending his girlfriend, Lara Bingle, after Li supposedly kicked her in the shins!  The photographer was also arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, assault, and harassment.

This isn’t Sam’s first problem with the law as of late. Last November, he was arrested after a fight with a doorman at restaurant Vortex. After being refused entry, he reportedly pushed the guy. Charges were eventually dropped, though.

Here’s hoping after this that he can stay out of trouble!

Image via Mark Metcalfe/Getty

Justin Bieber Arrested on Drag Racing and DUI Charges

Surprise, surprise. Justin Bieber has had another run in with the law.

The singer was arrested early Thursday morning for drag racing and a DUI in Miami Beach. Justin was riding in a rented yellow Lamborghini at the time.

He was officially booked on charges of driving under the influence, driving with an expired license and resisting arrest “without violence”, according to police records. After his arrest, Justin apparently cursed out an officer, and admitted to having beer, pot and prescription drugs in his system, Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez told the Miami Herald.

After a short stint in the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, Justin appeared before a judge for a bond hearing and bail was set at $2,500.

Justin….let’s have a little heart to heart. I seriously feel like Tyra Banks when she went off on that girl on America’s Next Top Model. I am, unashamedly, a little bit of a Belieber. So, as someone who has gotten weird stares for blasting “One Less Lonely Girl” in my car, I can say all this. GET. YOUR. LIFE. TOGETHER. If you keep going at the rate you’re going, you’re going to end up in a place that you sure as hell can’t handle. You were secluded in that jail cell, but let somebody actually get their hands on you!  This isn’t about your fans or your career. This is about you. You might need some serious rehab time, or, at least, some time alone, away from the cameras and the fame, to focus on getting yourself in a better place. Stop acting like a fool just because you’re legal and have money! Get some people on your team that aren’t afraid to sit you down and tell you off when you’re wrong! All of this was never cute. It was never funny. I can just see the comments now, but I actually believe you have talent, and you’re blowing it! Get it together. 

Image via AP

Moesha’s Marcus T. Paulk Charged with Domestic Violence

Say it ain’t so Miles! Moesha star Marcus T. Paulk has been charged with domestic violence after allegedly kicking his girlfriend in the stomach, resulting in her trip to the hospital. He was initially arrested back in August and turned himself in.

The girlfriend told TMZ the two were having a verbal disagreement and it escalated into a physical altercation. Marcus reportedly punched her in the face and then kicked her in the stomach. She admits she threw some punches herself, but she ended up in the hospital. Now Marcus has officially been charged with domestic violence and battery. If convicted, he faces up to 4 years in jail.

Sad. I don’t condone the violence on either side of this altercation. Though Marcus will definitely get the bulk of the blame, they were both in the wrong! It’s cliche, but violence is NEVER the answer. Hoping that the girlfriend heals soon, and that both of them learn and grow from this. Marcus is looking at a little bit of jail time, though he might just get off with probation and community service.

Image via Getty

Miguel Arrested in L.A. on DUI Charges













Looks like somebody had TOO many drinks! Miguel was apparently arrrested for a DUI in L.A. early Thursday morning after a night out on the town.

The R&B singer was reportedly pulled over while driving in his BMW for speeding and tinted windows. California Highway Patrol officers smelled alcohol and had Miguel do field sobriety tests. He allegedly hit .10 on the BAC scale, above the standard .08 legal limit in the state, and was arrested for driving under the influence.


A few hours after being booked, he was released on $5,000 bail. His court date is schedule for September.

This isn’t Miguel’s only legal issue pending. Legal action is still up in the air for him after he decided to go wild and jump over the stage at the Billboard Music Awards this year, with a woman’s head breaking his fall! The girl’s lawyer said that she’s been “exhibiting systems of brain damage.” She might just be, but I’m sure the thought of a nice, hefty settlement is worth it to her!

Image via Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Katt Williams Arrested After Bar Fight









What in the world is going on with Katt Williams lately?! After slapping down a Target employee in Sacramento last week, he was arrested on Sunday following a bar fight in Seattle during which he allegedly threatened people with a pool cue!

According to Seattle police, Katt “brandished a pool cue at a bar manager and refused to leave the business” and later followed a family outside of the bar where he threw a cigarette at a woman as she got into her car, hitting her in the eye. Whaaaa?! Katt also supposedly threw a rock at the car.

The comedian was booked into King County Jail at 6:42 PM PT for investigation of harassment, assault and obstructing police. He was released early Monday morning.

Katt, you need somebody to slap YOU and get you TOGETHER! This is absolutely ridiculous.

Image via The Soundstrike

Lindsay Lohan Arrested for Leaving Accident Scene












Lindsay Lohan just can’t stay out of trouble for too long! Apparently, the actress was arrested and issued a desk-appearance ticket for leaving the scene of an accident early Wednesday morning in New York.

Authorities say a 34-year-old man alleged that Lindsay clipped him when she was driving her 2010 black Porsche Cayenne SUV in an alleyway between the Maritime and Dream Hotels, on 16th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues in Manhattan’s Chelsea District.

After allegedly hitting the man, she or the other passenger in the car got out to check the vehicle for damage. Then, the two went into the Dream, while the victim was sent to Bellevue Hospital with a knee injury. When Lohan returned to her car after leaving the club, she was arrested on sight!

TMZ, who first reported the incident, stated that no alcohol was involved. There hasn’t been any comment from the actress or her rep.

Lindsay, what can I say? You take two steps forward, and then take three back. Walking away from an accident? I love you as an actress and all, but sometimes you need a serious hit upside your head!

Image via Kevin Mazur/Wireimage

Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI













Way to spend your birthday week, woman. Amanda Bynes was arrested early Friday morning for driving under the influence, after she crashed into a police car!
According to PEOPLE, the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department released an official statement of the incident, stating at 3 a.m. on Friday, “a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy in a marked black and white radio car, was stopped at the intersection of … Robertson Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard preparing to turn right onto Santa Monica Boulevard when a black BMW driven by actress Amanda Bynes attempted to pass the right of the radio car, colliding with the right rear quarter panel of the radio car.”

“There was minor paint transfer damage to both vehicles,” the police statement continued. “Amanda Bynes was subsequently arrested for driving under the influence and booked at West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station.”

The former actress, who celebrated her 26th birthday on April 3, was still in custody on Friday morning with bail reportedly set at $5,000.

A month before, Amanda had been stopped by police for talking on her cell phone while driving, and then sped away.

Amanda, get yourself together! It’s like this girl is starting on a downward spiral from these police encounters to her terrible fashion sense as of late! Not trying to look up and have another child actress gone wrong on our hands!

Robin Thicke Arrested For Marijuana







Reading that title back, it still doesn’t sound right. Mr. Clean Cut R&B singer Robin Thicke was arrested today for possession of marijuana in New York City, according to the Huffington Post. After being pulled over by police over in Manhattan near Madison Square Park, the 34-year-old was found to have a joint inside his black SUV. After his arrest, he was given a desk appearance ticket, and released. His publicist kept quiet, releasing no comments on the situation.

The singer just released his fifth album, Love After War, back in December.

Not that singers and other celebrities have never been busted for pot, but I never expected it to be Robin Thicke for some reason. He just seems like the good boy, with a wife and a family (he married childhood sweetheart and actress Paula Patton, and they have a baby boy Julian together) that wouldn’t ever light up. But I guess everybody needs a good stress reliever every once in a while.

Photo via Bossip