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Francesca Eastwood Pulls a Britney in Vegas

Just as soon as she said “I do!”, the daughter of Clint Eastwood is now backtracking quick as a flash and is having her quickie Vegas marriage to Jonah Hill’s brother (is his name really important at this point?) annulled.



connected to this torrid weekend affair claim that alcohol (no?!) had a lot to do with the marriage and subsequent annulment. But the funny thing is that Francesca claims to not drink alcohol. Perhaps that’s because she’s still under 21 and she is afraid Daddy Eastwood will hunt her down, put her over his knee, and spank the shit outta her!

Or maybe this was a sick sad cry for help and headlines in lieu of her father’s impending divorce to Dina? Whatever it is, she could ave at least waited a week. Even Kim Kardashian lasted longer than a weekend or two.

Oh, the shame!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Kris Humphries wants his muzzle off

Kris Humphries not only wants an annulment from Kim Kardashian, but he wants his prenup dismissed. And there is good reason! Apparently there is a strict clause in the prenup that prohibits either party to discuss intimate details of their relationship to the media. And if this prenup is diminished, Kris can say and do what he wants.

It appears as if Kris is getting himself some GOOD legal advice! But, will Kardashian go for this? She shouldn’t really care if there is nothing to hide, right? Besides, she gets to keep all her money and that’s the main thing, right?

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