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Alec Baldwin Arrested in NYC

Alec Baldwin was arrested in NYC, y’all.

Okay, so “detained” is probably the better word, but arrested feels so much more epic. And that’s what Alec calls it in his series of tweets related to the incident. It’s actually still pretty epic. Epic in its stupidness. Yes, stupidness. Absurdity as well, maybe? Epic nonetheless, but I digress.

Okay, so first thing’s first- Alec was riding his bicycle the wrong way down the street. Why was he riding his bicycle? For exercise, of course. Why was he riding his bicycle the wrong way? Because, that’s why.

I’ll give him credit, my parents told me to go against traffic, so maybe he doesn’t get out and about on the ol’ bike and isn’t aware of all the rules that are obviously in place to cause problems for him and have nothing at all to do with bicycle safety.

But this isn’t even the funny part. What is the funny part? No, it’s not that he was none too thrilled to be stopped by police and ticketed. That went over as well as you’d think. And so he was cited for disorderly conduct.

The funny part is that he was taken “downtown” because he didn’t have any ID on him. And, well, the NYPD needed to verify his identity before letting him go.

Obviously, he wasn’t too happy about that one either, but he did take to Twitter to give his side of the story and tell the world about what went down. Why? Because that’s how the Alec Baldwin do.

Alec Baldwin…Fired!


This has not been a great season for Alec Baldwin by a long shot. After dodging questions about his GLBT-friendliness that past few months, the actor was formally dismissed from his television show on MSNBC and he will now have to console himself in the arms of his young hot wife and his baby daughter.

Up Late with Alec Baldwin was not on long and never succeeded in the ratings to begin with. Coupled with that and bad press coverage over his anti-gay comments, MSNBC decided to kill the show in lieu of his “c*cksucking f*g comments”.

MSNBC kept it classy, only saying:

“We wish Alec all the best.”

Alec should know by this point that in this day and age, the best way to generate publicity for a new project is to do hoodrat sh*t that keeps people intrigued. We suggest a sex tape featuring Jon Travolta, Tom Cruise, and/or both.

It may not fix his image, but it would do wonders for our laugh reels.

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Ireland Baldwin: I am NOT the Julianne Hough!


White girls donning white face.

Now white girls donning red face?

Hold up one minute, Ireland Baldwin claims. She is not the Julianne Hough!

If you recall, Julianne decided that for Halloween, she was going to get into blackface and just roam the streets without a care in the world. She had no idea the outrage it would cause.

Silly girl!

Ireland Baldwin decided to don Indian paint under her genetically blessed eyes and when she got slapped left and right for her get-up, she fired back in true Baldwin style:

“Ok everyone. I apologize if my Halloween costume offended you and your culture PERSONALLY. However, I don’t apologize to a majority of you who thought it was necessary to return the favor with a lot of hateful mentions. I respect all cultures and I would never mock one. I am Cherokee Indian, and I am also well aware of what many tribes encountered in the past.”

Yes. She’s definitely a Baldwin!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Alec Baldwin Goes On Homophobic Twitter Rant


Alec Baldwin recently went on yet another rant, but this time on Twitter involved an anti-gay one.

Funny thing is, after all his shenanigans, rants, inappropriate comments, etc, he keeps on keeping on rolling in the dough. Take that, Paula Deen!

Check out the latest Alec Baldwin rant via our friends at Celebdirtylaundry.com here.

Alec Baldwin Punches Daily News Photographer!

Alec Baldwin was all sorts of crazy this morning when he and his soon-to-be wife Hilaria Thomas left the city Marriage License Bureau. NY Daily News photographer Marcus Santos got himself punched square in the chin after he snapped Alec’s picture outside the Worth St. office. Apparently getting a license to marry isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Santos explained the angry situation, “He was looking mad. He said, ‘Step back, step back.’ I said, ‘We’re moving back.’”

He even told the 30 Rock actor to back off!

“I said, ‘Don’t touch him’. I knew he was going to attack me. I stepped back, and he kept coming. He comes after me, starts shoving and punching me — one time, right in the chin. And then he started shoving me, and pushing me. Then he goes the other way.”

And yes there was an eyewitness on hand to verify the situation. Eyewitness Goran Veljic said he saw Baldwin get all crazy eyed. “He was like crazy, you know? There was an eruption of mad. … You’re going to get a marriage license, you should be happy. What happened with this guy?”

Baldwin even took to his Twitter to confirm his encounter tweeting, “A ‘photographer’ almost hit me in the face with his camera this morning. #allpaparazzishouldbewaterboarded”

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Alec Baldwin Insults Harvey Weinstein

Alec Baldwin and Harvey Weinstein have buried the hatchet following the actor’s tirade at the Cannes Film Festival.

“I don’t care who knows,” Baldwin declared. “After the success he (Weinstein) had at Cannes last year and all the f—ing Oscars, he’s still a f—ing douche bag! I can’t believe it.”

Baldwin’s fury was due to Weinstein’s decision to opt out of participating in Seduced and Abandoned, the Cannes documentary he’s shooting with director James Toback about financing films at the fest. Francis Ford CoppolaNicole KidmanRoman Polanski, Martin Scorsese and Marion Cotillard are among the big names Baldwin recruited for interviews.

“This non-issue has been resolved,” Baldwin’s publicist, Matthew Hiltzik, told THR on Friday. “The film and the fundraising are far more important and interesting than this.”

Baldwin removed himself as auction leader at Thursday’s amfAR’s Cannes fund-raiser — co-hosted by Weinstein — because he didn’t want to be a distraction; instead, he showed up as a guest, writing a note to Weinstein that read: “HW, my apology to you and congratulations on a successful event.”

“Alec couldn’t have been more gracious,” Weinstein said. “We all lose our tempers sometime; trust me I have, too. We all appreciated his generosity to everyone at amfAR.”

30 Rock Coming to an End?

Or, at least, that’s what we might think if we were following Alec Baldwin on Twitter. Making news yet again, several news outlets caught wind of the tweet that stated, “I haven’t appeared on the Today Show in many years, but did they have to camp outside my apt?” Quickly followed by, “I think I’m leaving NBC just in time.”

In response to his tweet, Tina Fey confirms that, indeed, the end is near. Err, I mean, for 30 Rock. Fey announces that she will definitely be going down with the ship on this one, telling the View, “As far as I know, he’s not leaving the show. We’re all in this together ’til the end.”

And then the conversation continues as Baldwin attempts to pull that foot promptly shoved into his mouth that he seems to love the taste of, by saying, “As far as I know 30 Rock is back next year. But all things must pass. New shows. New People.”

Quick interjection, people: Yup, I’m sure we’re all aware of the cycle of life. We all saw Lion King. But how many of us announce “the end” when it is still eons away, supposedly?

He then shifts the blame and focus onto Tina Fey (well played, Baldwin Boy, well played) by prompting his audience to consider all the wonderful things Tina will after 30 Rock. “People need new things creatively…sometimes, they need to do nothing at all.”

In the mean time, while Alec Baldwin inches a bit closer to the unemployment line, he may be considering a career in politics as hinted with his interview with Bloomberg Television. Future Mayor of New York City? Could be. For now, the show surges on.


Alec Baldwin Lashes Out At Reporters Who Crashed Fiancee’s Yoga Class!

Alec Baldwin is a tad pissed today. You’d think he would be effing happy that the news of his engagement sparked the world’s interest because it is definitely positive press. But apparently he’s very protective of his beloved Hilaria Thomas. Cripes he pretty much went effing nuts when peeps started harassing his now fiancee on Twitter.

And I suppose there is a fine line when it comes to the media and their antics and I could see why Alec would be pissed off at The NY Daily News for crashing Hilaria’s fiancee’s yoga class just to get photos of her diamond engagement ring. Yeah, that happened.

Baldwin took to his Twitter to show his disgust.

In a series of posts, he wrote, “Two reporters from the Daily News crashed @hilariathomas ‘ yoga class today to take photos and post pictures. Their names are ….Simone Weichselbaum…And Enid Alvarez…Shame on the no- talent trash from the Daily News for invading the privacy of 75 people in a yoga class to take a picture of someone.”

It just sucks too because today is Alec’s birthday. Dammit.

Hopefully Alec and Hilaria can relax tonight with a uniting session of yoga.

Image via NBC

Alec Baldwin Is Getting Hitched!

Alec Baldwin is going to get married again. His girlfriend Hilaria Thomas has agreed to be his wife. Apparently he popped the question to his yoga instructor girlfriend just recently and we found out via Twitter.

His pal Matthew Hiltzik tweeted a message to Baldwin saying, “Congrats to my longtime friend Alec Baldwin and his wonderful bride to be Hilaria Thomas. Congrats on his engagement.” And then, Baldwin retweeted it. It’s official now, peeps!

Baldwin was previously married to actress Kim Basinger, who he divorced in 2002. So could this be a match made in heaven for Alec? A gold digger looking for loot and a old duffer looking for a young coot. PERRRRRRRFECT.

I must say that for Alec to settle down again is pretty effing cool. You know damn well that his woman helps him get centered with her yoga skills. And as Martha Stewart would say, that’s a good thing.

Here’s just hoping that Alec refrains from calling his bride-to-be a thoughtless pig.

Alec Baldwin’s Girlfriend Hilaria Thomas Taunted On Twitter

Fans of celebrities definitely have their unique characteristics and when I say this I mean that the fans that truly stan for their celebrity of choice have similar qualities to that of other fans of that same celebrity. Mariah Carey fans are generally all fun-loving, good-hearted, creative and festive people and the majority of them love butterflies. Think about Gaga fans. What words about them come to mind? So now imagine hardcore Alec Baldwin fans. Mmmhmm. Cray Cray.

Ok so Baldwin has been dating hottie yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas for a hot minute, but apparently one particular Twitter user (who goes by the handle @scarfacemadam) has been sending negative and harassing messages to his woman and Alec isn’t having it.

He tweets, “I have some wonderful, fully engaged and, sometimes critical people that I encounter here. Some of them, very few in fact, cross a line and, for example, attack my relationship with my daughter. One person, however, has really gone too far. That person… has entered the Twitter-verse only to harass my girlfriend. Harass in a way that is borderline threatening. I want you to go to her address, and read just a few of her posts, and give her your notice of her behavior.”

Apparently Alec’s order for his Alec Pack have devoured @scarfacemadam. Her Twitter profile has since been deleted.

Don’t mess with Alec, bitches.

Quote of the Day: Alec Baldwin

“In [some] amount of time, maybe in the not-too-distant future, I’ll survey that again and think, is there an opportunity for me? In New York for example, we have safe Democratic seats around the horn so to speak, it’s the governor and the AG (attorney general) and the two senate seats, so what I would run for and when it would be [is] something I’d have to give a lot of thought.”

Alec Baldwin, on running for office

Image via Getty Images

American Airline’s Apology to Alec Baldwin…as played by Alec Baldwin

Anyone else hear about that incident with Alec Baldwin and American Airlines?

No, I didn’t think so. (I kid, I kid).

Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have heard of Alec Baldwin getting kicked off American Airlines for playing Words with Friends, a very popular (especially now) cell phone game.

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Alec Baldwin kicked off plane, apologizes

Alec Baldwin got kicked off a plane, (an American Airlines flight to be exact) for messing with his phone when he wasn’t supposed to. In case you haven’t heard, check out our initial story here.

Bear in mind that there are three sides to every story…one side, the other side and then, what really happened. At any rate, we’ve got his side of the story in the form of a lengthy article.

Yes, Baldwin wrote an article…very long one at that and he even apologized. You gotta check this out.

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Alec Baldwin Goes Postal In The Air

Team Alec!

Alec went Tweet crazy for lambasting flight attendants that dared to stop him during the middle of his techo fun.

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