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Betty Ford to Lindsay Lohan: Hand Over The Adderall!


If Lindsay Lohan thought Betty Ford was going to be a walk in the park that she used to use to get her drugs, then she’d better think again. The Strawberry Snortcake just got warned by the treatment center that her favorite legal drug may be taken from her.

Reports are coming in that Lindsay’s Adderall use, which she claims to need because she suffers from ADHD (perfect for her since she probably could not last the two painstaking hours it takes to get through ‘Liz & Dick’), may be collected from her. This is because doctors may decide through their own evaluation and diagnosis tests that she may be overusing the drug.



For those that do not need Adderall, it can produce effects that are akin to abusing street drugs. Its misuse is common and is popular among models and actresses that take it to suppress their appetite, keeping them thin.

We say take her Adderall from her and watch her fall off that wagon with the quickness!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Lindsay Lohan: Not Without My Adderall!


Remember that movie from back in the day called Not Without My Daughter starring Sally Field? Basically, she’s running all over some country in the middle East trying to recover her daughter after her husband moves them over there and basically turns into Ike Turner on her ass and flees with their child. Well, if you’ve seen the movie, you know that Sally is not having it! She will have her daughter, dammit! And now, replace that said child with a prescription drug, replace Sally Field’s amazing performance with Lindsay Lohan’s attempt to read cue cards, and now…now? You have the saga that is soon to be a Lifetime TV movie of the week starring Lohan…

Not Without My Adderall!

Because that’s what Lindsay is lately crying about. Headed to rehab for ninety days in a few days, there are some conditions to her stay that she is not exactly agreeing to. One of them is the ban of pharmaceuticals. Even those diagnosed by her sham doctor. Lohan’s been snowballing Adderall for nearly a decade now and is adamant on not giving up the bad good legal sh*t! She claims it’s the only prescription that works for her, but that excuse ain’t working for the rehab facility. With the days counting down, will there be a stand-off in the crack corral?

Stay tuned!