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Celebrity VIP Lounge

Celebrity Gossip Heard All Over The Web

Amanda Bynes: Shackled!

It looks like America’s Favorite Crackie (sorry, Lindsay!) is not going anywhere anytime soon!

Behold the power of the 5150 hold!

According to reportsextralarge, a judge has ordered the blue haired pyscho case to remain in the mental ward for a bit longer. Now, Amanda doesn’t seem to significant chunks of her medulla oblongata are missing, but those close to her know better. So as her parents fight to keep her under lock and key, Amanda’s paid pieces are trying to break her out of the cray cray clink. Bynes is on meds now, but is still considered a danger to herself and others. According to friends, she seems to be schizophrenic. If this is the case, then we hope she gets all the help she needs. If that is not the case, she is one crazed loon and we say let her out so we can report on this ignunce because she is putting Lohan out of business!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Britney Spears: The Fashion Line Cometh

If she had a line, it would be aptly titled: 5150 Couture.

Looking like Charlie Brown’s busted, broke down, bespectacled, bastardized sister-in-law, Britney Spears has been photographed wearing the same outfit three times this week. And in case you all are wondering, there are still a few days left in this weekbritney-spears-600x450, so she might make it to five!

The first day this week that Britney wore her ensemble de f*ckery, she covered it with a shawl she stole from her granny, complete with lesbian boots du jour. The next day, another shawl from grandma, but in the same tights and boots. The last day? Britney did not even try to hide her Charlie Brown muffin top, letting it all hang out for the world and paparazzi to see (and quite possibly smell). And what can you imagine that look reeked of?

Probably Cheeto dust and despair, perhaps?

Don’t look for a Britney Spears collection coming your way any time soon, because we know very few women that strive to look like trailer trash half the week!

additional reporting: A. Neff King