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Kanye West: “Furious” With Scott Disick For Abandoning His Family, Source Claims

Kanye West Sneering

As you probably know, Kanye West has strong feelings about everything from who deserves to win meaningless music industry awards to what sort of mineral water has too many bubbles.

Most of the time, Kanye is full of it, but when you throw enough BS at the wall, something is bound to stick, and when Yeezus delivered his sermon on “the Lord” Scott Disick, he definitely hit the nail on the head (which is an expression you shouldn’t use when you’re talking about guys with Jesus-y nicknames).

In case you somehow haven’t heard, Kourtney Kardashian dumped Disick last week, and Disick responded by going MIA.

Yesterday, Scott even went to far as to skip his daughter’s third birthday, so as to avoid being confronted by his baby mama and her family.

“Kanye is furious, maybe the most furious of everyone,” a source tells People magazine. “He’s saying that a real man doesn’t abandon his family like Scott is doing.”

Yes, hell has frozen over, up is down, and it might be time to start wearing hats on your feet, because Kanye West was actually right about something.

Of course, it’s worth noting that while his wife and daughter went to Disneyland to …read more

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