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JLo Opens Up About Her Past Relationships, Current Dating Situation, What Ex-Husband Marc Anthony Thinks of Her New Tell-All Memoir “True Love” & More

Via Extra:

“Extra’s” Angie Martinez caught up with Jennifer Lopez about her new memoir “True Love,” where the superstar opened up about her past relationships, what ex-husband Marc Anthony thought of her new book, her current dating situation and much more!

Angie asking JLo, “The book being so personal, is that scary?” Jennifer revealing, “So scary… Having just gone through the divorce before we went on tour. It was just this whole thing that was happening…It was a transformative, transitional time in my life where I discovered and faced myself…through my music.”

On reliving the fact that her marriage to Marc Anthony wasn’t going to make it through her book, Jennifer said, “I had to do the audio book of this….I didn’t want to get emotional. I wanted to just be able to read the book and I had to keep stopping…it reminds you of those moments…It’s definitely an emotional journey for me.”

On sharing the details of others’ lives in her book, Jennifer explained, “This book was never about pointing the finger at anybody. It was really about looking in the mirror.”

Reflecting on her past relationships, JLo said, “There was something in my relationships that wasn’t lining up…The missing component was me loving myself and being able to take care of myself…They always say put on the oxygen mask first, right? But it’s true…you have to love yourself.”

On giving ex-husband Marc Anthony an early draft of her memoir, Jennifer said, “He read it and was like whoa, I didn’t know all of this was going on…and was like I’m happy that you learned something, that you grew.”

On her current dating situation, Jennifer set the record straight, saying, “No, I’m not dating right now. I just decided I was taking some time to be on my own. And be my own best friend…What does that feel like, Jen?”

As for what she would do differently in her next relationship, Jennifer admitting, “I will go slower. I think I’ll be a lot more cautious.” And what is the perfect guy for Lopez? “He behaves very good, he’s super faithful, he’s super sweet. He’s funny… he doesn’t have to be {famous} at all.”

“True Love” is available nationwide.

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