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Alec Baldwin Arrested in NYC

Alec Baldwin was arrested in NYC, y’all.

Okay, so “detained” is probably the better word, but arrested feels so much more epic. And that’s what Alec calls it in his series of tweets related to the incident. It’s actually still pretty epic. Epic in its stupidness. Yes, stupidness. Absurdity as well, maybe? Epic nonetheless, but I digress.

Okay, so first thing’s first- Alec was riding his bicycle the wrong way down the street. Why was he riding his bicycle? For exercise, of course. Why was he riding his bicycle the wrong way? Because, that’s why.

I’ll give him credit, my parents told me to go against traffic, so maybe he doesn’t get out and about on the ol’ bike and isn’t aware of all the rules that are obviously in place to cause problems for him and have nothing at all to do with bicycle safety.

But this isn’t even the funny part. What is the funny part? No, it’s not that he was none too thrilled to be stopped by police and ticketed. That went over as well as you’d think. And so he was cited for disorderly conduct.

The funny part is that he was taken “downtown” because he didn’t have any ID on him. And, well, the NYPD needed to verify his identity before letting him go.

Obviously, he wasn’t too happy about that one either, but he did take to Twitter to give his side of the story and tell the world about what went down. Why? Because that’s how the Alec Baldwin do.

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