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More from Bieber-land: Lil Za Charged with 3 Felonies.


Lil Za charged with THREE felonies? Let’s file this under reason #6987 not to be friends with Justin Bieber- Lil Za has officially been charged with not one, but three felonies stemming from the whole Justin Bieber house raid.

According to TMZ, Za has been charged with 2 counts of (felony!) possession of a controlled substance. That is one for the MDMA/Ecstasy and one for the Oxycodone. His third felony charge is for breaking the jail phone.

If you remember (it’s getting hard to keep up), Lil Za had drugs near him when the cops busted in with that search warrant on Bieber’s home. Yanno, when they were looking for video evidence or whatever in connection with the whole egging the neighbor ridiculousness.

The messed up thing? If convicted Za could spend as many as 9 years locked up. NINE YEARS.

I realize that is the maximum, but that still seems a little harsh. Sure, breaking a jail phone was a d*ck move, but one day you’re hanging out at Justin Bieber’s house and the next thing you know you’re in jail. Sure, drugs are bad. Hugs not drugs. Yes, absolutely. But you’re a guest at someone’s house- someone who reportedly has drugs galore all around, and somehow you’re the one that ends up charged with two felony counts of possession. The phone is just collateral damage- “you want a felony! I’ll give you a felony!”

Meanwhile, Bieber is bouncing around North and South America.

Note to self: It sucks to be friends with Bieber.

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  1. It sucks to be one ob Bieber’s fans too

  2. The wrong person is being chanrged