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Lindsay Lohan’s Missing Fur Coat Worth $75k: Karma?


After visiting a night club in NYC, Lindsay Lohan has a missing fur coat- a $75k fur coat at that. Or, rather she’s missing half of her fur coat. (pictured above: Photo Credit: MARK ROBERT MILAN/FILMMAGIC)

TMZ reports that Lindsay was at 1Oak on Wednesday and went in with a ridiculously priced 2-piece fur coat.When she left, she didn’t realize that she only had one of those two pieces- at least until she got to her car. She went back inside to get the other half only to find it wasn’t there.

She then began calling everyone that was at her table, but no one had seen it either.- with the exception of one Seattle Seahawks player that was at her table, or so says sources close to Lindsay.

Putting aside the fact that she has a 2 piece fur coat worth $75k that she hasn’t pawned- Me thinks maybe it’s a bit of karma. Do you remember way back in 2008 when Lindsay Lohan walked out of a club with someone else’s mink coat (valued at $12,000)? This was that same club. I know, it’s a little hard to keep up with all the times Lindsay has been accused of theft, but the owner of the $12k coat ended up suing Lindsay and the whole “stealing” accusations kind of became a thing for a while. (She didn’t steal it, of course, she just “borrowed” it. For two weeks. Just for safekeeping, I’m sure. duh!)

Now, the tables are turned and poor Lindsay may have been victimized. Sad face.

I would say that if I had a $75k coat that I’d sure as heck keep up with it, but that would be a lie. I would protect it fiercely at first, sure, but ultimately I’d forget it somewhere and be reminded why I can’t have nice things. Or if I’m Kim Kardashian, I’ll have my older sister yelling at me about starving children just because I may have lost some expensive jewelry in the ocean. Either way, I can’t have nice things. And Karma, well she’s a bitch.

Stella is a self proclaimed domestic goddess, a small town girl with a love of fashion and gossip. No, seriously. Oh, and caffeine. She loves caffeine.

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