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Jennifer Lopez Says She Loves A Chaotic Relationship In New Glamour Interview


Jennifer Lopez is still working it and looking good while doing it. The Puerto Rican princess is now 44 and covering the March issue of Glamour, being as fabulous as ever.

In the new issue of the magazine, Jenny from the Block talks about how she’s been able to stay in shape and it doesn’t involve eating a lot of ice cream. She also talked about her love life briefly as well.

Check out highlights from the interview below:

On Not Being Able To Eat A Pint Of Ice Cream:

“I’m not one to over-indulge. It doesn’t make me feel good. Some find it comforting to sit down and eat a whole pint of Häagen-Dazs, but that would make me throw up.”

On Her Love Life:

“I want a bit of chaos, but I also want safety and order. It’s taken me a long time, but if something doesn’t feel right, I won’t go along with it any more.”


So the question is, how long will she and Casper Smart last? For some reason, I do not see it lasting forever. I mean, really. Do you? He seems like an immature little boy who is just really enjoying being taken care of.

And she? Well, we all know she loves company.

Images via Glamour magazine

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Comments (4)

  1. She either doesn’t age, or she photoshops well

  2. I’d like to see her do another movie

  3. I wonder how much longer she’ll be with Casper Smart?

  4. She just sounds like an aging diva, and looks like a character from Valley of the Dolls….