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Britney Spears Dishes On Marriage, More kids, and Retiring after her Vegas run

Via Extra TV

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez sat down with Britney Spears at her new home Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas where she will launch her residency. Britney dishing details on “Piece Of Me” as well as her plans for when the show ends.

Britney saying the show is different from her last tour, “It’s definitely the hardest show I’ve done yet and the funnest too, it’s a really funny show too.” Brit also saying there is a lot more dancing, “It’s like ten more times more dancing and it’s more aspects of like more props and more gags we use that bring it more to life, make it really exciting.”

Britney who will do 96 shows in two years at Planet Hollywood revealing to Mario she may not only take a break after the run, she may retire all together. Mario saying, “Obviously you wanna take a long break, but you might even possibly retire, is that true?” Britney’s response, “I might, who knows…I may have two more kids and get married…I’d like to have more kids.”

Unclear if Britney plans on getting married and having children with boyfriend David Lucado who she recently said she loves, for now she is enjoying being with someone who is not in the business, “I think it does kind of help with dating someone not in the business, I could kinda understand if you’re dating someone in the business they’d understand what you’re going through every day and stuff I feel like the chemistry kinda speaks for itself when you date someone out of the industry.”

Britney who did date fellow pop star, Justin Timberlake recently tweeted she is a fan of his song, with Jay Z ‘Holy Grail’ but reveals to Mario she has not seen him in a really long time, “I haven’t seen him in ten years.”

You can see Britney’s Las Vegas show, “Piece Of Me,” starting December 27th.

Image via Wireimage

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  1. Emily

    I hope she does retire, she seems like she’d be happier that way.