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What Happens at Bieber’s Party stays at Bieber’s Party

Justin Bieber apparently had an epic party Friday night, but not a word has been said about what exactly went on behind closed doors. A strange thing considering as crazy awesomeness at any party increases (celebrity or not), talk of said crazy awesomeness increases. It’s just too much to contain and inevitably leads to embarrassing videos and pictures on social media. This is all amplified, of course, if you’re a celebrity. So why isn’t everyone blabbing about Bieber’s party?

Because apparently everything that happens at Bieber’s stays at Bieber’s- unless you’re willing to pay the price.

Yes, the Biebs made all party guests and workers sign a confidentiality agreement. As part of the terms, they are not allowed to talk of the party. No pictures. No videos. No social media accounts. If they don’t hold up their end of the agreement, the cost is $3 Million.

According to TMZ, that is actually a discounted rate- down from the original $5 million penalty. Does this mean Bieber wants us to know what happened? Is he tempting people with too much money to talk? Who knows.

What we do know, is that the police were called to the top secret party three times for noise complaints and cops reported smelling weed.

It’s almost like Bieber never had a party at all. C’mon Biebs: pic or it didn’t happen…

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  1. I guess it makes the Biebs feels special…