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Will Amanda Bynes be Home for the Holidays?

Amanda Bynes has been at rehab in Malibu since September, but it looks like her time there may soon come to a close- just in time for the holidays.

TMZ reports that sources connected with her treatment say Amanda’s mental health and meds have been stabilized to the extent that her doctors will let her leave- releasing her to her mom who will keep and supervise Amanda at the family’s house.

All of this could go down next sometime within the next month, meaning Amanda may get to spend the holidays with her family.

It was TMZ that first reported Amanda’s previous move from the UCLA psych ward to the rehab facility in Malibu. At that time, Amanda was apparently “freaking out” being in the psych ward, which was causing her treatment to suffer.

This time, it’s not the sterile environment of the psych ward that is thwarting her treatment, but the simple fact that she’s “going stir crazy” because she’s not allowed to go outside thanks to paparazzi swarming the place, compromising everyone’s privacy.

Here’s hoping being home is the next step needed to help Amanda keep improving.

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Comments (6)

  1. I really, really hope if she comes home she stays around good, happy and healthy people. And stays on her meds….

  2. Emily

    I really hope she’s doing better. That’s sad about how she can’t go outside though.

  3. I really hope she does not come home too soon. She needs to get better first.

  4. I hope this is true and she has managed to get her life back on track.

  5. Just in time to break her New Years resolutions!