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American Idol Judges: “Replace ALL The Judges!”

So after the whispers this season that Mariah Carey was the problem when it came to the sliding ratings of American Idol, the producers have decided that it’s more than just one diva. It may be all four, to which they have responded…

Replace them all!

That’s right, folks, Randy Jackson, who somehow has managed to avoid being kicked off for years and years, is now about to be unemployed if the producers have their way for next season. After twelve years, it goes without saying that the show is about as stale as Randy’s “yo dawgs” and something drastic must be done. Insiders at the show already know that Mariah Carey will definitely not return. And why should she after they lied to her about being the only diva on the panel and then threw in Tricki Fromajai at the last minute? There is even talk of bringing back the original three judges if X Factor is ever canceled. That means Randy, Paula, and Simon would be reunited and Americans everywhere would yet again be wondering what exactly Paula is sipping in that cup!

The ratings are down 22% this year, and no one seems to care who wins either. If you put a gun to our head, we could not even name the final three singers. But then again, we have not been able to do that for a few seasons.

Sue us!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

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