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The Met: Who Killed It and Who Didn’t!

anneThe annual Met Gala is usually the place where stars come out to fully shine, since they don’t have the constraints the Oscars and the Golden Globes place on their sartorial efforts. At The Met, you can go for broke and sometimes this works…and sometimes?


This year is no different from any other. There were some sure-fire winners and there were some definite busts, but all in all, this year fared better than others. Standouts?

Rooney Mara killed it in a Givenchy zipper dress all in white. The dress killed it, but the punk rock makeup? Not so much!

Miley Cyrus even looks naked even when she’s fully clothed. The pop star was in some fishnet trainwreck with electrocuted hair. This may be hot on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, but at The Met? Um, no, Miley. Just no!

Sarah Jessica Parker looked like she stole a cue from madonna’s playbook circa 1994, in her get-up: Giles Deracon dress, Philip Treacy headdress and Vuitton boots. This was the look to end all looks for the night. Love it or hate it, this look screams E F F O R T.

Anne Hathaway came out in newly blonde hair and her edgy dress set everything off perfectly. Do blondes have more fun? It certainly looked like it!

And the bombs?

Where to begin? Oh YES. Kim Kardashian! In her floral print dress, she looked like a rose garden that exploded in all the right places. And when you’re as knocked up as she is, is it really necessary to have a slit to the cl*t? No, Kimmy Kim. Next time, stay at home and pop that baby before your next red carpet!

Madonna looked like she raided Lourdes’ closet…in 2002 and decided that even though they didn’t fit, they’d have to do. It is a recession, after all. Or perhaps SJP stole her outfit and this was the only alternative? Ain’t enough prayers in the world to fix this travesty!

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