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Mariah Carey To American Idol: I’ll Sue a B*tch!


The ratings on American Idol have plummeted so hard that the producers reportedly considered ditching Mariah Carey and bringing back former judge Jennifer Lopez. And what did Carey have to say about all of this when it floated from their lips and underneath her weave and into her luscious lobes?

Hell to the no!

Carey had a few choice words for that proposal of her own. As in allegedly threatening to sue them for every cent they’ve ever made on the decade old show. The producers, who already are not the best of friends with Carey since slipping in Nicki Minaj at the last minute, now claim the talk is just that and there were never any plans to bring Lopez back.

If the producers want ratings to increase, they should probably get rid of Keith Urban and leave the judges at three. Minaj may be crazy, but she gives good drama against Mariah and they need more of that! Allegedly, the rumors surfaced once news spread that Lopez was performing on the season finale. Since Lopez and Carey allegedly hate one another, maybe we’ll see a verbal slap or two on this night?

Stay tuned. Or like most people this season…don’t!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

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Comments (8)

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  2. I’d pay god money to see these two mud wrestle it out. That’s what they should do.

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  5. Minaj needs to be fired immediately

  6. Mimi is so much better than Nicki Minaj, she brings some class to the show. Nicki brings the trash…….

  7. Robyn

    This show is sad altogether.

  8. I’m fan of Mimi but Nicki Minaj also my favorite singer. please share some Mimi’s still image.

    Thanks for your good post.