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Jamie Lynn Spears Engaged

How old is she now, 19, 20? Isn’t she a little late to the marriage game considering the part of the country she comes from? Well, Jamie Lynn is not going to be bothered with what everyone else in the trailer park thinks about her. She’s getting hitched, y’all! She ran to her Twitter3225 account to announce the news, flashing her new bauble.

A fact checker has confirmed to us that Jamie Lynn is 21, mother to 4-year old Maddie and is engaged to 30-year old Jamie Watson. This will be her first time going all the way…marriage wise anyway. She was previously engaged to babydaddy Casey Aldridge, but everyone knows that was just to keep up her good girl image.

That plan didn’t go so well.

And now that Jamie Lynn is about to be properly married, expect her to be knocked up with tons of chirrenz real soon, just like a good southern mama should. And if she takes his last name, she will be known as Jamie Watson too!

Additional reporting: A. Neff King

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