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Sofia Vergara Got Engaged and (Almost) Arrested On The Same Day


Sofia Vergara makes an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Valentine’s Day, Thursday, February 14th. Sofia shares her story of how she got engaged and almost arrested on the same day.

Ellen: You got engaged and then you almost got arrested, on the same day, right?

Sofia: Yes, it was a very big surprise. I didn’t know I was going to get engaged and it was the celebration of my 40th birthday. I did a very big birthday in Mexico…

So, one of the days we went on like a trip, you say? A tourist trip. We went to the Chichen Itza (Pyramids). You look at me like you don’t understand?

Ellen: This is how always look at you… You took them on a tourist trip. You mean you were showing them around.

Sofia: I took them to the pyramids… the Chichen Itza (Pyramids).

Ellen: Pyramids

Sofia: Whatever…(laughing) …

Sofia: So he was like let’s go take a picture up there and I’m like ..

Ellen: That’s you coming down (from the pyramid).

Sofia: That’s us coming down and there going to try and arrest us…

Ellen: Did the rope around it give you any indication that you shouldn’t be…

Sofia: Yeah, but he had said he had gotten permission. I swear to god he said he had gotten permission to go up there and take a picture so said, ok let’s go. So I went up he took the ring out there. I made sure I like it (shows Ellen the ring).

Ellen: Yeah, you like it. It’s beautiful.

Sofia: I like it, I put it on immediately and I said yes…and I checked (puts ring to her teeth) but then when we came down they want to arrest us because there were some nationals, no…local people…help me..

Ellen: Oh, no. I don’t want to correct you…

Sofia: Local people got really upset and they thought I was take advantage of the situation but it was not true….Ok, let’s change another story because you’re not getting it…

Ellen: Laughing…We’ll come back and we’ll talk about other things.

Sofia: Can I have a translator?

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