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Cissy Houston Tell All Book Reveals Whitney’s Death Details and Haunting Past


It has almost been a year since Whitney Houston’s death and the Houston family is still all about getting their word in and their thoughts on what really went down in Whitney’s life behind closed doors.

Whitney Houston’s mother is telling about about her now deceased daughter Whitney Houston. Yes, we get to hear about all the bidnass that Whitney engaged in…or at least what her mama knew.

In a book that we reported about weeks ago, we are now getting a little more insight into this book because mama Houston is going to be working on promoting the sale of this book hardcore…starting with a little Oprah action.

Cissy explains, “She started partying and she didn’t really know how to stop. I used to wonder what she was doing at night, where she was.”

And even though she spent a lot of time with Bobby Brown, whom many perceived as trouble, Cissy doesn’t blame him for her daughter’s death. “I’m angry she died alone, in those conditions,” she says. “I’m still mad about that.”

According to an excerpt of her book posted in The Sun, “I flew to Atlanta and rang the door of the house she shared with her husband, Bobby Brown. I knew if she was in half as bad a state as that house, she really was in trouble. I’d never seen any house that looked like this one, much less a multimillion-dollar home. I stood in shock. It was dirty and messy, but that wasn’t it. The things I saw sent a chill through me. Somebody had spray-painted the walls and door with big glaring eyes and strange faces. Evil eyes, staring out like a threat. Who would do such a thing? It seemed crazy. In another room there was a big framed photo of Nippy (the pop singer’s nickname) — but someone had cut Nippy’s head out. It was beyond disturbing, seeing my daughter’s face cut out like that. It was frightening.”

After Cissy decided to confront her daughter and forced her into rehab, Whitney was upset as hell but she got over it.

“Eventually she stopped being angry at me and later told people I saved her life. But I’m not sure she ever forgave me. I think some part of her couldn’t stand that I had made her reveal her worst side to me,” Cissy said.

Cissy Houston’s book “Remembering Whitney: My Story of Love, Loss, and the Night the Music Stopped” will be in stores on Tues., Jan. 29, 2013.

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