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Kat Von Diseased Is Like, Fianced, and Stuff!

Lord, what a day in nuptial f*ckery! What fresh hell have we fell into, folks? When plastic tricks and dirty, overly tattooed skanks are getting proposed to, perhaps we normal, clean, STD-free human beings are doing something wrong?

In further news I shall file under Extreme Foolishness and Explicit F*ckery, Kat von D(oo doo) is getting engaged again! I know you’re thinking it, and yet again I will say it!

Who?! Why?! How?!

Just looking at her makes me want to shower in Clorox, but apparently, there’s a man out there blessed with the sense of sight that loves it! Who is this fool man, you ask?


He even ran to Twitter and twatted about it too:
“I can’t wait for Christmas so…. Katherine Von Drachenberg, will you marry me? Changing the diamond to a black diamond FYI. Sorry for the jpg…they’ll finish the actual ring soon
I hope. I love u :D”

Of course she had to respond via Twitter: “Mi corazon!!! Thank you all for the lovely congratulations! Please excuse me while I go squeeze the hell out of my fiancé! ❤”
We should actually be applauding since this reduces the amount of cases the CDC has to treat, right?
Congrats to the skanky couple! Now excuse me while I go douse my eyes with penicillin!

Triston – who has written 854 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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  1. letinstar

    a lid for every pot…i claim to not know who either of these dirtstains are…but i will be taking an extra few minutes in the shower to scrub the funk that’s in my eyes from looking at this…