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Remember Dayanara Torres?

Of course you don’t. Because J.Lo swooped in and took her man as she was still breastfeeding her two children with Marc Anthony in the early 2000s. Because as you all know, J.Lo needed to repair her image yet again, so she ran back to her latin roots and plucked up a respectable man for a change.

Sorry, Ben Affleck, Puff Daddy, Cris Judd, et cetera!

But ask Ms. Torres if she cares these days and she would probably be too busy counting her dineros to even look up from her vault to respond to you. As it turns out, Dayanara has made a return to the States and because of that, her records with her former emaciated man have been made public and now we can dissect how her baller skills have served her well in this recession.

The former Miss Universe probably won’t be filing for bankruptcy any time soon, especially since she probably hasn’t worked since the first Bush was in office to Bush stole the first election. Released records show that Anthony has had to fork over $16,500 per month in alimony and child support since 2004.

That’s alot of pinatas!!

How did she lock in such wealth even though they were married for only a few years?

Enter Cristian.
Enter Ryan.
Enter cha-ching.

Those two kids are practically paying for themselves! That’s right, hussies. If you want to get a check, you might have to risk a stretch mark or two!

El fin!

Triston – who has written 854 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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