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Monaco Welcomes Next Generation

Princess Grace is probably beaming down from heaven with this latest news in her lineage. She’s praying that her genes will be put to good use this time. Let’s also hope that common sense and tact does not skip a generation this time. It looks as if Princess Caroline, the daughter of the late princess, is about to be a grandmother.

Tatiana Santo Domingo, the fiance of Caroline’s oldest son Andrea Casiraghi, are expecting a child next year. Andrea has been named one of the world’s most eligible bachelors for years now, so tricks reading this can now cross his name off the list. Barring unforeseen circumstances, his card is now full.

“I am expecting a child. Yes, I am pregnant.”

Because it was not clear in that first sentence.
The couple are racing to ensure that yet another baby in the family won’t be a bastard, but that seems unlikely. They have announced 2013 for their wedding, but no news on whether it will be before or after her water breaks. Let’s hope this child gets the good genes in the family, because Grace’s genes have been whittled down to barely recognizable!

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